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  • jcroc - I love it as it seems to work for me and ...

    I received the Australian on Sunday and immediately opened it to apply it to my aching arm. I love it as it seems to work for me and also for my husband. who fell several days ago and still has pain in his thigh. I recommend the cream for it's soothing affect and because it doesn't smell like some others we've tried. It's a keeper!

  • Godessm - bona x

    This is a great product! I've been using it on my wood floors for many years and I'm still satisfied

  • ~*REMI*~ - This product should have more reviews!

    I purchased this from GNC not from amazon by the way. I am not really into hair and nail supplements, I have a stigma that these "supplement" companies are ripoffs that sell refined products. There was a discount so I said what the hey, I'll give it a go, especially taking a look at its ingredient percentages. Within days my nails grew, no exaggeration. All of my nails have NEVER been the same size, and they were a bit stronger. I slacked off a bit and stopped taking them for a week. What do you know, my nails broke surely! I clipped them all off after a month of having them and becom ing attached :( It was 2 weeks nail-less when I came to realize I REALLY missed my claws! Not only that, but they weren't growing AT ALL?? It didn't dawn on me until later that something was the cause of all of the compliments I was recieving about how beautiful my natural nails were. LIGHT BULB! I had 11 more tablets left from the second pack (2 packs comes with box and theres 30 total) I just started taking them 2 days ago and voila! My nails are growing again! I am completely shocked that this product has not been reviewed! Especially given its inexpensive price! I only take 1 a day on an empty stomach, it's not that demanding, and since I don't eat in the mornings anyway I figured it was not only easier to remember to take the pill, but my body would have time to absorb it until I was ready to eat 30 minutes after. I even noticed my hair growing a bit faster, but I mostly noticed a difference in my nails. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this product again when I run out!!! Highly recommend!

  • Niki S. - Great Wall Mount - Good for Larger TV's

    First, let me start by stating that I regularly review products and, in return, I receive them at discounted prices. With that said, I will say that I actually DO use all of the products that I review or, if purchased for someone else, I ask them for their opinion of the product so you are getting an honest and unbiased opinion of the item that I purchased.

  • CA Richards - Blood Pressure Monitor

    I am very happy with this purchase. With the free app (iHealth) on my iPad, I can quickly take my blood pressure and email the results to myself for downloading into an Excel Spread Sheet, very convenient and easy.


    This has really made a difference in those hard to tone sweat more and helps with soreness , will buy again :)

  • Nicole P - If you have a cat who pees or a multi-cat household, these are not optional!

    These are a must have in multi cat households. I have 7 cats. I've used Feliway for years. None of my cats pee outside the litter box. One or more of them used to pee on shoes and bags to claim as theirs. I used to have some serious cat on cat fighting. I've been using Feliway diffusers for years, and none of them pee. The cat on cat aggression and passive aggressive behavior has greatly minimized. Due to the cost of these, I usually only have one diffuser going. I should have more than one going at a time.