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  • K. Lai - Cant image getting through a tax season without it!

    Forget all the IRS gargon - this is straight talk, that makes sense to anyone. I have purchased this book for the past 8 years and even keep them as reference books.

  • Whitney Lichfield - This is definitely my favorite hair treatment that I have used

    This is definitely my favorite hair treatment that I have used. I use it every time I get out the shower and have definitely seen a difference in my hair. It makes it amazing soft all day. I love 12 benefits!

  • DAVERAT - Good value even with the S/h - A product my home cannot live without!

    We used to buy 3 of the 4 ounce size at a local gift shop for $19.95 each which comes to $59.85. I ordered this large bottle plus a 4 ounce bottle of the No. 2 scent (which I prefer) and it came to 40.42 - a savings of 19.43 which is almost like getting the 4 ounce bottle for free! That's a good value when you consider how important this stuff can become to the peaceful coexistence of man and woman!

  • Amazon Customer - Great stroller

    Really impressed with the quality and the look of our new stroller. Like that it's tall enough for me (I'm 5.10)

  • P. Eytalis - This stuff is watered down

    I could tell there was something wrong with this bottle before I even opened it because it was so watery. It smells like Biosilk but is way too thin and watery. I will be reporting this seller and returning this. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller. This stuff is amazing when you have the actual product.

  • Casslikeness - Extremely happy to own this!

    This album is perfect for displaying the National Park Quarters Series. I absolutely love the history involved as well as the display of the quarters. The fact that both sides of the quarters are protected is an extreme advantage to this marvelous album. There are extra holders too in case it is decided to make more quarters in the series, as the book describes. I would recommend this for anyone, children and adults alike. I've show this album to all of my family (ranging from 1 month old to 55 years old) and they all love it. The little baby loves the colors.