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  • American Honey - I've never had nails until trying this

    I've always had veryyy short, brittle nails (I get it from my momma) and we're always trying new products to make our nails grow stronger to get some length. I tried taking plain biotin in high doses and it didn't do the trick. I just happened to pick up a bottle of this stuff at walgreens not thinking it would do much and it did! I have finally found the key to long healthy nails and this is it!! Yall don't understand how thrilled I am! I don't even have to take it every single day. I took two capsules every other day or so and all the sudden my nails grew like weeds without BREAKING!! I actually have tips that look like a french manicure:) I am trying all sorts of nail designs because I've never ever been able to do it. Bring on zebra print and polka dots, haha. My hair is naturally pretty thick, so I can't tell if it's changed a lot hair-wise, but I bought it solely for my nails.

  • m16shooter - Great product!

    First off, I am not a distributor or a promoter. I'm just a normal Joe that was looking to loose a few pounds and cleanse my body. And on that note, this DOES work. I lost 9lbs and have managed to keep off 7lbs since. If I ever feel the need to detox/cleanse again, I will definitely buy this again.

  • XiChi - Too many bugs to warrant buying this -- at least for now

    I recently purchased this device, and it is riddled with bugs that defeat many of the attribute that may cause you to want this. I'm not alone in this regard, and you should check out some of the other known issues posted on Garmin's forums

  • Jennifer - Not real Theives oil. Do not order.

    I have ordered Theives oil directly from Young Living but decided to order it off of Amazon to get it quickly since I ran out. When I opened the bottle I immediately smelled that it was not Theives. It smelled like cinnamon but did not have the lovely and complex smell of true Theives oil. I am asking for a refund. The seller was not kind in their response to me when I let them know I wanted a refund.

  • SeaGoddess3240 - The Best for Pain, Back Again!

    I am so glad that Tylenol Arthritis is back! I have allergies that prevent me from taking anything but Acetaminophen. Tylenol is the only product that really takes care of my pain, but the Arthritis care line has always worked THE BEST. It takes away aches and pains of a chronic pain condition, and knocks out my headaches quickly.

  • Natasha - Best stroller

    I researched lots of different strollers. I had a sit and stand stroller for a long time but my older two kids are old enough to walk and I needed something more compact and better for a baby. I love this stroller, I can't say enough positive things about it. I love that it glides so smoothly and that it lays almost flat. My baby loves this stroller and is always smiling and giggling when we go for rides. I noticed that some reviewers complained about the teeny storage basket and that there are no cup holders. I was worried about my diaper bag fitting under the stroller but it does. And I just bought the britax storage container with cup holders that strap nicely to the stroller. This stroller is also beautiful.