Tarflen,Nara Prefecture,Nieskruid,Yuri Kondratyuk,Ablainzevelle,Adenolisianthus,Golden Globe Award,Albert Bitzius (Sohn) - Tarflen,Nara Prefecture,Nieskruid,Yuri Kondratyuk,Ablainzevelle,Adenolisianthus,Golden Globe Award,Albert Bitzius (Sohn)

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  • Colossus of Barletta,Vigeland Sculpture Park, - Colossus of Barletta,Vigeland Sculpture Park,
  • Adaptation,José Reyes, - Adaptation,José Reyes,
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  •,Grodków, -,Grodków,
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  •,WMBR,,三國志, -,WMBR,,三國志,
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  •,Sumpfkratzdistel, -,Sumpfkratzdistel,
  •,Zespół rzekomoopuszkowy -,Zespół rzekomoopuszkowy
  •,De unga,Bernardino Ochino, -,De unga,Bernardino Ochino,
  •,Mary Pope Osbourne,Français québécois -,Mary Pope Osbourne,Français québécois
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  •,Hogwarts, -,Hogwarts,
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  • Jean-François Clervoy,テレビジャパン,,Bolarus IX - Jean-François Clervoy,テレビジャパン,,Bolarus IX
  • Cathedral of Magdeburg,Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port,,Military of San Marino - Cathedral of Magdeburg,Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port,,Military of San Marino
  •,Marsh Frog,Avion multirôles -,Marsh Frog,Avion multirôles
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  •,,Stanley Park,Stephen Hendry -,,Stanley Park,Stephen Hendry
  • 山形新聞,,Tegucigalpa,Danish West Indies, - 山形新聞,,Tegucigalpa,Danish West Indies,
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  • Renaissance-Antiqua,, - Renaissance-Antiqua,,
  • Hochneukirchen-Gschaidt,, - Hochneukirchen-Gschaidt,,
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  • ArferM - Better than manually filling out forms, not as user-friendly as I expected

    My experience with TaxACT ranks as okay, but I came from several years of Turbo Tax and find TT help, common questions, and walk-through features much easier to use. TaxACT isn't as customized so I was answering questions and filling in fields that normally I never see because TT screens them out based on some 'interview' questions. TaxACT said I could import my TT data but I never could get the import to work. Not a deal-breaker but it never really got better from there. Certainly better than manually filling out forms but I will go back to TT next year.

  • kguns44dd - I LOVE IT

    I beat every level on the original Free Flow. I am so thrilled to have a new brain challenging game to keep me and my brain busy.

  • Brian_FPT - So far so good for my 7th grader

    Purchased for my 7th grader who's school has moved the students to google apps for email and writing assignments, etc. For $250 it gets her off my and my wife's laptops. Pretty awesome so far. She logins in to google with her .edu and all her work is there from google drive. Could be the perfect homework machine. Happy kid, happy parents, $250!

  • Jennifer L. Blackmer - Haan floor Steam cleaner

    Love this steam cleaner. I previously had the lysol steamer which is good for spot mopping but not very durable or for serious cleaning. I also have used several models of the shark steamer which is better than the lysol steamer but the Haan floor steamer is by far the best. It has a number of attachments so it is more versatile than other floor steamers and can be used on more than just floors. It also has a much hotter steam output and disinfects things with less time. It takes only 1 second to sanitize with a haan while the shark takes about 60 seconds. If your willing to invest a little more money on your steamer and get a much better quality product that can be used as a hand held with attachments or a floor steamer than this is definitely the best choice compared to any current steamer on the market today. I'm seriously sold. I also use this on the job as a professional housekeeper and organizer and it is GREAT!

  • Roger in Lebanon - Nice Maps--Problems with Navigation

    Have had some problems after installing Windows 10. Software has difficulty recognizing the GPS receiver. A few other similar problems. I hope there will be an update that will address these problems.