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  • Mindfulness Matters - Great for Adult Acne

    After having kids, I thought my acne days were over. This vitamin has helped tremendously with my skin issues and nutrition needs. I saw results in about a week of use, and a dramatic reduction of new breakouts (cystic and minor blemishes)in two weeks.

  • Richard Souder - I've only ridden this bike once since I've gotten it ...

    I've only ridden this bike once since I've gotten it, but I got it crazy early! It arrived seven days before I was expecting it! This is my very first road bike, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I have no complaints thus far!

  • R. Willcocks - Not as good as prior

    While the product has more info than before, you cannot import any of your old trips into it, and have to re-establish them - what a waste of time for many of us that travel a lot. Had I known this I probably would have purchased DeLorme, as I would have to reestablish new anyway.

  • ~Goddess~ - ~Funny Name But Serious Results!~

    I was very surprised by how well this works! I have to admit I can not say the name of this product out loud without laughing or at the very least smiling but, the results is serious business! Warning this may be TMI but, If my review can help someone else then it's worth it! I used this when T-O-M left. (Time of Month) and any female knows the day after he leaves down there isn't the freshest! Lol But, after using this product my boyfriend said I smelled sweet! Sweet when TOM just left? DONE! I'm sold! I will be buying this in place of the over the counter sprays which doesn't come close to the results this products gives! Oh and one application lasted all day and night and even the next morning until I showered again! I like showering twice a day but with this product you really don't have to! So yeah it's a definite keeper!!

  • LARRY P. - they worked to quieten my pump noise and allowed me ...

    they worked to quieten my pump noise and allowed me to relocate the pump to make cleaning the straner much easier