Responsabilità irresponsabile - Responsabilità irresponsabile. Criticità e limiti nelle finalità etiche della Responsabilità Sociale d`Impresa. Fabrizio Ceciliani, Roma, 12-04-2013

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  • Neil Bryden - 100 fun stories for 4-8 year olds

    i read this book to my younger sister and she loved it she said it was the best book in the world and now she is learning to read it and she is only in prep.

  • marilyn - Great exfoliating pads

    I have used a few different makes of exfoliating pads and I like these the best. I buy the 100 count and cut them in half so they last a long time. Using half a pad is plenty after removing my makeup and washing my face at night. I'm on my second jar!

  • Booker - We really enjoyed We Found a Hat.

    Jon Klassen is one of our favorite illustrators. His hat books, as we call them, are always top choices for my kids at storytime. We Found a Hat is right on par with his other books in that it is simple and easy to understand, but with incredible illustrations to round out the overall tone of each book. If you like the other hat books, you will enjoy this one as well.