RetiredPlayers.Org - The NFLPA held their Super bowl press conference today and made announcements of particular interest to retired players of the National Football League.  NFLPA

  • About | RetiredPlayers.Org - The purpose of the website is to provide up to date, accurate information on topics regarding the National Football League, the National Football League Players
  • Update on Former Bengal Reggie Williams | RetiredPlayers.Org - The Cincinnati Enquirer recently updated the health condition of former Bengals' linebacker Reggie Williams.  Seven months ago Williams was fighting to save his
  • New NFLPA Executive Director: “Union Has a Fiduciary Duty to Retired Players” | RetiredPlayers.Org - Newly elected NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith spoke with reporters in New York today and said the union has a fiduciary duty to retired players, which
  • NFLPA Elects New Executive Director | RetiredPlayers.Org - The NFLPA has elected a new executive director.  After presentations by Trace Armstrong, David Cornwell, DeMaurice Smith, and Troy Vincent on Saturday, NFLPA
  • Player Reps Should Initiate New Search Process This Weekend | RetiredPlayers.Org - This weekend the NFLPA's Board of Player Representatives will hold their annual meeting in Maui.  Obviously, the biggest task at hand for the player reps is
  • Former Player Examines How NFL Player Reps Are Elected | RetiredPlayers.Org - Former player Ross Tucker, who played six years in the NFL, is now a writer for  In his latest article, Tucker examines the flawed method
  • NFL Retired Players’ Class Action Appeal Could Take Years to Resolve | RetiredPlayers.Org - Dan Kaplan of the SportsBusiness Journal reports that the appeal of the retired players $28.1 million dollar verdict against the NFLPA could take years to
  • Is the NFLPA Retired Players Department Relevant? | RetiredPlayers.Org - The current state of the NFLPA Retired Players Department has left many retirees looking for representation elsewhere.  In recent years the membership of many
  • Another Executive Director Candidate Emerges | RetiredPlayers.Org - The National Football Post reports attorney David Cornwell, who was once eliminated as a candidate for the NFLPA Executive Director position, is now back in the
  • The NFL Players Association Fifty Years Ago | RetiredPlayers.Org - The blog of former Oakland Raider Dave Pear recently published the minutes of an NFL Players Association meeting from January 24, 1958.  The meeting minutes
  • NFLPA’s Upshaw Paid More Than 96 Percent of Current NFL Players | RetiredPlayers.Org - According to the National Football League Players Association's latest tax filing with the Department of Labor, Executive Director Gene Upshaw was paid at least
  • Athletes Donate Brains to Aid in Study of Concussions | RetiredPlayers.Org - More than a dozen athletes, including nine NFL players, two NBA players, an NHL player, and a member of the U.S. national soccer team, have decided to donate
  • Former Bengal Reggie Williams Fighting to Save His Leg | RetiredPlayers.Org - Reggie Williams' list of accomplishments is impressive even when you exclude his NFL career.  Born with impaired hearing, he attended the Michigan School for
  • NFLPA Constitution Ignored | RetiredPlayers.Org - On May 20, 2008, the NFL owners voted unanimously to opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement. The current labor deal the owners have with

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