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  • TeriLyn - Unique story, brilliant writing! Another MUST READ from Reiss!

    As always the writing of C.D. Reiss leaves me in awe. Her precise story structure and precisely unique plot in Marriage Games sets the measured pace and tone of this book while completely hooking her audience. This erotic book deeply explores the limits and emotions of BDSM within a crumbling marriage. With the story told from both points of view of the already married hero and heroine Reiss captures the confines, inner turmoil, and basic needs of the D/s lifestyle quite eloquently. It’s a journey into the unknown between two people fighting different battles as battering rams against each other all the while the depth of their vulnerabilities shine. It’s an opening of communication lines and fascinating examination one’s true self within a marriage.

  • Peggy R - Terrific New Writing Duo

    This book was a pleasant surprise for me. I have read many books by Frankie Love but I really liked this pairing with Isabella Starling. This book had it all, passion, mystery, suspense and betrayal. There were some twists that I didn't see coming but that is what made this book such a good read. I liked the characters. Hayley and Lucas are well written characters, with depth, back stories that don't weigh down the plot, flaws and vulnerabilities. These two characters were in love as teenagers, but Hayley's return to town not only stirs up those old feelings but something more sinister in Willow Creek. I would definitely read more by this writing duo.

  • Dennis & Veronica - really useful

    I started reading this at the beginning so I could remember all the tricks I'd forgotten over the years. I've found this book helpful in many situations. I keep it at work. People like to borrow it.