Heterotopías | Revista universitaria - Muchos lugares. Muchas alternativas. Entonces ¿Por qué caminamos por las mismas calles violentas? ¿Por qué seguimos una ruta convenida si sólo...

  • Inicio | Heterotopías - ¿Por qué Heterotopías? Nadie ignora que la gran obsesión del siglo XIX, su idea fija, fue la historia… Nuestra época sería más bien la época...
  • Situación límite | Heterotopías - ¿Por qué situación límite? Situación límite porque estamos hartos de nuestra actualidad, del rumbo de nuestro país y de nuestra universidad...
  • Directorio | Heterotopías - En heterotopías no creemos en la jerarquía. Cualquier intento de establecerla es un acto de dominación. Somos individuos diferentes que aportan...

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  • andrea - These are great! I read some reviews where people were having ...

    These are great! I read some reviews where people were having problems installing. My husband did the install and he said it was pretty straight forward if you follow the directions! We put them on my new crv which saved a lot of money if we bought them from dealership! Very happy

  • Matt - Great Volleyball

    I would have to say everything was excellent. Great volleyball, colors and my volleyball team love the ball so much. Thanks so very much Coach.

  • Amorin - Great for cooking with!

    My husband puts this lemon pepper seasoning on pretty much everything, so buying it in the store never lasts long or they don't carry it. I love that Amazon sells this in bulk so that we are not constantly buying it at the store or searching for it. This comes in a great tall container and has a lot of seasoning to last months. I mainly use this on chicken, but my husband likes to make tuna fish sandwiches and use this as the seasoning. This does have quite a bit of salt but with any seasoning you only need a small amount. Definitely worth it if you like lemon pepper seasoning and have a large family or in my case a husband that can't live with out this stuff.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!

    This facial cleanser will make your skin feel so clean, smooth and refreshed after just one use! It smells great and the bubbels seem to wash away everything. Even my waterproof make up! Love it.

  • skyshot - Best product you can buy to improve your woodworking projects.

    O.K. Here's the real scoop. I've practiced and perfected my joinery over more years than I want to remember. So anyhow, these guys (Kreg) come up with this plastc gizmo for installing pocket screws. Obviously, no match for my skill at attaching table legs, etc. But... Had to try this damn gadget out just to say (to myself) "Ha...No match for my expertise". So, I bought the junior model ($40) so that I wouldn't feel bad when I tossed it in my "Forgotten Tool Box". Figured I'd at least continue using the clamp and step drill on other ocassions. First couple of tries and some blue plasic chips and I thought how right I was..... junk! But I did notice some really nice and square joins. Stong too. Now I've gone through two 500 pc. boxes of Kreg shouldered screws and my furniture projects are actually improving. I don'partiularly enjoy eating crow but yes, I ordered the more expensive set. Thanks Kreg ... I hate you guys.

  • Erin D. Greer - Great!

    I have always had a problem finding something to cover up my dark circles while not giving me raccoon eyes or lines. I bought this product and absolutely looooovvee it! I put it on under my Bare Essentials foundation and you could never tell! Just dont use to much, little dab will do ya.

  • Stinky Thumbs - The directions look like they were translated by a 2nd grade Chinese girl

    I think I feel a little bit of difference at higher speeds but honestly... I don't know if it really does anything. I used this on my 2015 wrangler on 35s. The directions look like they were translated by a 2nd grade Chinese girl. But, with a little common sense and a youtube video, you can figure it out.