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Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome speeds

    Don't listen to the people saying this wont work with Comcast. It is now on their list of approved modems and it works great. I'm paying for 15 Mbs and hitting 20 on a regular basis on Great product totally worth it. Also my 20 Mbs is over wireless haven't tried it wired, it may be even faster.

  • LRodz - Must buy!

    Best cooler ever! Used on our 850 mile summer road trip (one way). Kept cooler in the trunk of our car. Keeps items cold, ice melts slightly by end of the day(95+ degrees outside temp), easy access through the top opening, & no external condensation or leakage. Well worth the investment. Also, the size is less bulky than a regular cooler and works well when you have limited space.

  • Tera - I love Juice Plus

    I have taken Juice Plus for about 5 years now. Ever since I started taking it, I feel better, I look better and very rarely get sick. I had run out about 4 months ago and within those four months of not taking it, I got a cold twice. That's proof enough for me. I don't eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables (I wish I did) and Juice Plus is a great supplement. I have noticed though, that when I'm taking Juice Plus I actually crave the real thing more. That is another thing I like about it! AND...there are no strange ingredients!

  • RARowland, Cincinnati reviewer - SCARY!!

    Yep. Scary. Not as in "Boooo". Rather as in "Frightening that this story line could have really been played out in real life"!