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  • Tammy - Great for the price!

    If you are considering getting an in car camera and don't want to spend a fortune then these are worth considering. I've been using two for the last three days and no problems.

  • Danny - Nice "touch up"

    Would have gave it 5stars BUT the trimming is slightly smaller (not wide enough) to cover the original trim. So when you apply it, you will notice about an inch of the old trim. Still looks nice. Just personally thought it would be an exact fit.

  • gracierose - Great

    Keep a small bottle in your purse. If you get stressed take some of this it does take the ragged edge off of nerves. Highly recommend.

  • It's Cool - It's Cool

    I've played the Ouija Board since I was a kid and I've always found things of this nature very mysterious, also, I must warn that it's not a game, no it's not to just play with and I strongly do not reccomend to any kids under the age of 10. Things like this shouldn't have kids involved. But I would also like to say that the Ouija Board is a fun game if the person you're playing with is fun too and tries not to move it. It's just pathetic when they do that. The Ouija Board also isn't for the spiritually weak or people who "...don't believe in things like this..." it also spoils the fun if you get a person like that and it also brings negative energies to the board. For educational, I gave it a 2, how can you learn from this game? You can't really, just to learn how to read letters! haha, ok, well... But if you want some questions answered, a little laugh and a lot of memories, buy this item. I gave it a 4 because it's playing age is 8 and up when, in my opinion it should be 10 and up (2 years does make a difference), and once in a while it just doesn't seem to work. The durability of the Ouija Board is given a 4 because if you lose the circle with the point it won't work, but other than that it's all good, just put away after playing.