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  • Charles Nichols - Useless

    Useless product as far as I can see. Had it for 2 months and haven't been able to make it work very well on Windows Vista. Bought a new Windows 8 system for it, and can't get the license transferred. As I say, useless, and very picky. Will not buy anything from this company again.

  • ortho2me - Don't waste your money!

    At first when I got it, I was impressed by it, but after just a month, the pen will not write anymore like the ink is dry. and it took turn to worst, the end part of the pen just fell off! not to mentioned that the hook on the pen itself keeps popping out on me.

  • J Mason - Worth it

    Compared to other formulas, you are bound to get sticker shock when you look at this formula. We started using this formula as a test when my daughter was an infant because she would have a period of about 4 straight hours every night where she would just scream for no reason when she was 3-4 months old. We were using your standard similac formula like idiot first time parents. We switched this formula and magically she no longer went through her screaming fits. The price was worth it, and then as she got older (around 9 months) we switched to Similac sensitive to lessen the cost. We were unsuccessful at getting our insurance to cover this formula.

  • Lindy A - Roxio Creator a Real Lemon

    I would love it if it worked the way it should. Hard to set it up also to get it to burn Dvd's Finally got it to work then after the computer crashed had to set it up all over again. I had a hard time with it but after the second time the computer crashed it didnt work for more than a full year. It has been over a year since it stopped working. I now can get it to copy discs and to make music data discs(CD's). I dont know if I will be able to get one of my videos on it anymore. It now finally works fine in copying DVD's and Cd's without a problem . So being without having an application that will create a DVD has backlogged me quite a bit. If the application worked I would give it at least 4 stars but due to the fact it has been dormant and also I dont have anything else that will burn Dvd's I am being generous to give it two stars. I dont hate it other wise I would give it the one star. It is not a good application and came with very little instructions and no help from the company that produced it. If you want to take a gamble and buy this product my suggestion to you would be to buy it only if it is very cheap. This way you wont feel too badly if you wind up trashing it.