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  • Tammi Wesley - good book

    A very good book and study guide help to get us through school and state board in Alabama very good shape

  • M. Sanders - Great systems! Amazing results here!

    Love this system!! I lost 6 lbs in the first 8 days and 20 in 5 weeks! The first few days were rough, but once I got past that I felt good. The shakes are yummy and the supplements gave me energy and helped suppress my appetite. Much safer and less expensive that prescription weight loss drugs.

  • mrs.g - big, bright, and educational

    My 19-month-old daughter loves this book, and it has been a favorite for a long time. As an infant we taught her baby sign language, and this book helped us to teach her new words. She would make the signs for all of the pictures long before she could say any of them. These days she likes to point at and name all of the pictures. Now that she is a toddler it is also a great book for playing I-Spy games. She loves to hunt for the object or animal I ask her to find. The book is very large, bright, and bold. The color blocks behind each photo are great for making each picture stand out, and they are good for learning colors. Excellent book!

  • M. Lau - Great Badges

    For the price, can't beat them. They fit and look great as well. Shipping takes a little while, but it is well worth the wait.

  • uber1337h4xx0r - Great Keyboard, feel nice once you get used to mechanical, no real complaints

    Cant' think of any complaints for this thing. It feels pretty comfortable. It did take about 2 weeks to get used to a mechanical keyboard considering I've used a standard keyboard for almost 20 years, but now that I'm using this, it feels just fine.

  • Dyana - Schwartz Bioresearch A Very Cool Company...

    I am so loving this brand of Turmeric. I have gone through several brands of some very pricey, and yes good as far as pain relief goes, but not as good as this one is. To me. This mix I cannot find anywhere, have been looking for it a long time, and I promised myself I had to give it time to work. So glad I did. Have a right drop foot, severe chronic pain like a vice grip is there. Besides my pain meds which never take away the pain totally I needed something else and started experimenting here on Amazon, a wealth of information with the reviews. So I've been ordering different brands for awhile. Schwartz Bioresearch brand of Turmeric is absolutely superior to me not only because it takes that edge of pain away, but it actually is vibrating there, a really cool feeling of relief is going on down in my foot. I can do things I cannot normally do. It's wonderful. I have a routine of taking three in the morning and three in the afternoon, sometimes adding, depends. I am excessive because the pain is so excessive. Amounts taken are different for everyone I'm sure.