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  • Vodka Norma Narkomovskaya - Dear Madam/Sir ..., I wish to present to your attention the company JSC"AMEGA GLASS" which has a full cycle of manufacture of Genuine Russian Vodka. JSC"AMEGA GLASS" makes bottles, develops design of a label, creates new recipes of vodka, bottling vodka and sells to buyers. Our company co-operates with distributors of big cities of R
  • PETROLEUM PRODUCT, (JP54 & A1, M100, D2 , D6 ) - \r\n We sell Russian origin MAZUT M100, DIESEL D2, AVAIATION KEROSINE JP54 on C.I.F and F.O.B basis for spot and annual contacts while TTO title takeover transaction of loaded oil tanker vessel are also available for capable buyers.We have allocation for to sell and supply the said commodity so we request your kind inquiries to enable us commence lon
  • DIESEL D2 - We are producers of our oil products directly with the aim to connect our serious buyers to our real and genuine sellers for the oil and gas trading and exportations. Our main task is to link suppliers with end buyers for every single successful deal. We are producing and selling the following products and more. REBCO-Russia exportable blend crude oil | S

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Carochen - What a waste

    I still have my old copies of Sim City 2000 and 3000, they are some of my favorite games of all time. I've been looking forward to this game for a long time and when I finally got my hands on it I have to say, this looked like more of the same great stuff. I worked through the tutorial and built my first city...and was booted by some sort of server error. Get back in and my city is nowhere to be found. Started a new city, having fun...and then the same thing happens AGAIN. I'm done. My gaming time is too limited these days to waste with this bunk. I don't pirate games and yet I am being punished by this "always on" circus. Even if I loved this game would I still get to play in ten years? Or does it depend on how long EA runs the servers? To see this fantastic Maxis IP being ruined by EA's ineptitude is very sad.

  • Amazon Customer - Superb device

    My sister is always losing her keys and cell phone so I purchased this MYNT tracker for her. It was needed in the first few days of having it. It worked perfectly for her and I'm gonna order one for myself.

  • D. Blankenship-Wellman - Sandford is the Best

    Sandford tells intense, humorous, surprising tales of well thought-out characters. Once he draws you in, you can't put the book down until the last page. His descriptions of scenes, the body language and emotions of his characters, and the authentic dialogue all come together as if the reader is in the scene. Sandford is by far, the best in the business. I eagerly await his next tale.

  • Nick G - Junk

    This mount is junk. The mount didn't line up properly then it's pointless to have to drill 4 holes in a wall just to hang a tv. The screws that came with it to attach the tv to the mount didn't even fit. I have hung tv's before and this one was by far the most difficult. I tried to save a buck by getting this cheap mount and ended up waiting my time., thanks for Amazons easy return policy I sent it back then went to the store and bought a different one.