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  • Dee Prime - Feel like supporting Keurig's tactical attempt to increase the price of ...

    If you think that versatility doesn't matter, then by all means, buy this machine. If you don't mind zip tying your hands behind your back when browsing your grocery store for K cups, then the 2.0 is for you. Feel like supporting Keurig's tactical attempt to increase the price of these little coffee pods? Or maybe you just need Keurig to lighten your wallet every week? Enjoy your new and unimproved brewer that does less for more of your money

  • Daniel S. Acker - No Bull

    I plan to review it often. Be great to have an audio version! This is a practical treatment that isn't mired in the usual nonsense that it's all your fault because you are a man and by default a creep that will never ever "get it".

  • StephenFong - Why Instructor's resources?!

    I am a mechanical engineer who's also interested in programming. I came across this book and thought I finally could elevate my knowledge in Visual Basic. But as I read into it, I found that this book raises questions during the text and ask you to solve those questions in the "programming challenge" section. I wanted know the answer but the only way is to get the answer from the "Instructor's Resources". Well, I am not an instructor, I am not taking classes so I am not "cheating" the exam. Why should I be stuck in the middle of nowhere, just because Pearson assumes everyone reading this book is either a student or an instructor????

  • Joan Diamond - Lost a potential customer

    I was looking to purchase PS. I wouldn't even mind paying a hefty upfront cost for great software but I will not get sucked in to this mess.

  • Bill Ball - Who better to take you on this tour than Mike Cernovitch

    Explore the mindset that made Donald trump the the modern day phenomenon that is shredding the mainstream media and the GOP. Mirror that mindset and conquer your own trails. Who better to take you on this tour than Mike Cernovitch, his writing is clear, concise and powerful.

  • Julia - "Regular" flavors are NOT Regular!!!!

    I ordered this from Soda Stream direct and I ordered for myself and my daughter. What a dissapointment! The flavors that say regular have Splenda in them and have a horrible after taste! If I had wanted an artificial sweetner I would have ordered diet. Just sent the whole thing back.....cost me over $70.00 to get it and return it. Even if they come out with real reagular soda I don't think I trust them enough to buy anything from them again.