Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog | Author representing Pets and the Environment - Chipper, my cocker spaniel, rubbed the left side of his face everywhere, on my legs, the kitchen cabinets, even on the asphalt driveway.

  • Sandy Kubillus - About Me | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - I’ve been a dog owner, or lived with dogs for over fifty years. I take my dog with me everywhere – even to work.
  • Buffy | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Sandy & Buffy Buffy is a tan (buff-colored), female Cocker Spaniel, who was born on February 22, 2009. Buffy was my mom's last puppy and she had great
  • Cassie | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Sandy & Cassie, November 2014. Cassie, my female springer spaniel, passed away on May 5, 2015, at the age of 11 ½ years. A titled agility dog, with
  • Chipper | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Sandy & Chipper Chipper is a male, tri-colored (parti) Cocker Spaniel. He was born on April 17, 2005. He developed a cough within a few days after she
  • [email protected] | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Hi, I’m Sandy Kubillus and I’ve been a dog owner for over fifty years. I work as an environmental consultant and an adjunct instructor, so my focus involves dog
  • I support CCI & Puppies Behind Bars | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Dogs love to work—especially if they share a job with their owners. I have chosen to support these two dog assistance programs.
  • The GingerLead Dog Sling – A must have for dog owners | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - When I saw the GingerLead displayed at the recent BlogPaws conference, I knew I had to have one. It's a padded harness to support the rear end for dogs.

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  • D. Francis - Works Great/Looks Great!

    Works great - and now I won't lose my antenna in the car wash. It was a little tricky getting it mounted on the van because the screw-in base did not reach completely into the factory mount. Once I removed a little material from the factory rubber base on the vehicle, it worked perfectly. If the screw base was 1/4" longer, all of the issues would have been fixed.

  • elizabeth wooten - Excellent Self Tanner

    I only use self tanners and spray tans due to Lupus. I live near the coast so I have to have a product that looks real. Ive been using St. Tropez for a year. Honestly it's my preferred tanner because (1) its a foam easier to control exactly where it goes (2) you apply it with a mit so no product gets on your hands. HOWEVER it has a trace amout of sulfa in it which Im allergic too so I can only use it for special occasions. With that said I bought Tan Physics. It's a great product! Smell is lemony and not over powering. It's a colored tanner so you can see where it goes. The only reason I did not give it a 5-star is that I do not think it is dark enough. It would be preferable if they made, like the walmart brands and clarins and St Tropez, a light tanner and a dark tanner.... I think the more coats you put on the less real it looks. Other than that is is a GREAT choice and I will probably buy it again!

  • Lady MacGyver - Holy moly this is bad - stick with Windows for large company files, or upgrade your Mac

    I've been using Quickbooks for over a decade now. Switched to Mac recently, and imported 11+ years worth of data - several thousand customers and jobs - into this version of QB purchased directly at the Intuit/QB site. Productivity has dramatically screeched to a halt. Every single transaction takes several minutes just to load the appropriate window. With several dozen transactions to enter every day, I'm now a couple of days behind in data entry, thanks to the profoundly bad performance of this software on a late-2011 Macbook Pro i7 quad core running 4GB of RAM - not spectacular, but certainly much more than adequate power and memory for most other normal applications. Clearly this software needs a lot more, although the reviews by people with 12GB RAM are not encouraging. The other reviewer who mentioned waiting 6 minutes for a window to load was NOT exaggerating. Receive Payment? Wait 6 to 15 minutes while QB "thinks" about it. Enter Invoice? Wait another 6 to 15 minutes for that window to load. Enter a Vendor payment? Another 6 to 15 minutes. For every. single. entry.