Review: - SBW - An integrated CRO for drug discovery and development - View - SBW is a CRO from Finland for drug discovery, functional food and chemical safety industries in ADME, in vivo efficacy and tox, in vitro studies, proteomics, biomarker discovery and in chemoinformatics.

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  • sbkcabin - happy with Hallmark 2003 version

    I've had the 2003 version of Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe for over 6 years and I'm still finding great cards to make for every occasion. If you don't have a Hallmark card program and can find this version it is lots of fun to use.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazon stock holders should start looking in to Bezos manipulation.

    Of course this isn't a 5 star review, Jeff Bezos is alienating Amazon customers by manipulating the scores on this book. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Orwell's nightmare.

  • Rajeevaksha D V - Five Stars

    This TV is amazing! Great color production, volume. Perfect for watching sports and movies as well. Highly recommended

  • dash - Run away fast!

    These people are up in your face sales people and no matter how many times you say no they literally won't let you go. The chick held onto my hand and I was telling her I had to pay for something for my kid and she asked me what was more important my face or kid. Really?! Now my face is red and itchy from the product she put on me and I am broken out in pimples all over my chin! Run away and stay far away from these Kiosks!

  • Darcey Y. Derosa - Kinky curly custard- the most awesome product ever!

    This stuff is the best curl defining product ever! I only needed to use a little to get the effects I wanted. I am no longer a product junkie, going from one product to the next. I give this product the highest amount of stars I can. I will continue buying this product and knot today with it.

  • Horse Lady - ... used it three times and apparently the battery is bad now. I charge it

    I've used it three times and apparently the battery is bad now. I charge it, the tool works for a few seconds then quits. I should have gone with the Dewalt but didn't want to spend the money. Now I will spend it on replacing batteries instead. Live and learn.