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  • USB Ion Generator - Scalar Pendants - Our USB Ion Generator emits a constant stream of negative ions from the convenience of ANY USB port! Negative air ions also known as anions purify your air!

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  • j brostek - It's just "meh".

    I had high hopes for this cream but I see no difference in clearing up my very slight acne scars. However, going to bed with this cream on discolored my pillow case and it's a white pillow case.

  • housewife - space saver

    I ordered the orange table chair for my 6 month old daughter and i love it. It came already assembled and hooked on out table very easily. We don't have the space for a traditional stand alone highchair, and I am glad we didnt. I actually prefer this compact chair over the traditional ones because we can eat together as a family and there is less room for my daughter to launch stuff off the table. The chair itself is very durable and comfy. I planned on taking it to restaurants, but I'd rather just leave it attached to my dining table because it looks great there.

  • Harleyquinn - Thankyou all

    After reading all the amazing and funny reviews I have decided to get this as a gift for my in law. I know it sounds evil but you have no idea. Thankyou all for your amazing, honest and perfect reviews.

  • Devin - Great Product

    This is a awesome product really great quality and good reception for a stubby antenna. Picks up signal just as well as the factory antenna.

  • Schwartz - Fun balloons!

    I purchased these balloons but the blue one did not work. So I emailed the seller. Not only did they credit me my money back, but they also sent me 2 new packs for my troubles. Excellent customer service. The balloons are a hit! The yellow one is very dim during the day or with any light. In the dark it is still pretty faint. The other colors really seem to glow well. Young kids cannot have these balloons because of the batteries (can cause death if swallowed), but they are great for older kids.

  • Erich Saint Jôn - Powerful and Full of Customizable Features

    The only thing that's hard to work is the querty keyboard. This phone is infinately customizable and fuctions perfectly well for its price. I'm sure iPhones of the same price don't compare.

  • bird - It is ok! Not bad, but not great!

    This is the second time I tried this item! I did try before more expensive Eyelash Enhanceres and I got bad reaction from them because I have a very thin sensitive skin around my eyes!! So, this product does not help to grow lashes,