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    I bought this in a shop in Vegas, and tried to sell it on Ebay once I saw how much cheaper it was online - I figured it had to be a scam. Anyway, I couldnt get rid of the stuff so I figured I'd use it, and this eye cream really works. No one is more surprised than me, but I will actually continue to buy it (on Amazon where it's a LOT cheaper).

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    I tried DE with the hopes my cholesterol, the highest I'd ever had : 263, might be affected as I had read DE can do. I have been taking Red Rice Yeast also so between that and DE I hoped I would have some change. I was FLABBERGASTED when I had my labs redrawn and my cholesterol was 153!! My HDL and LDL were within normal limits and my trigylcerides went from 200 down to 100. I was ecstatic and couldn't believe it. My doctor was shocked too because his only experience with DE was in using it for pool filters. He is very health minded so I hope he will read up on it and recommend it to his patients. I did not want to take statins because of their side effects. DE is so inexpensive, I would highly encourage everyone to try it, especially if you want to change your lipid profile. OH, I have an age spot on my face that has faded up to 75%. As far as weight loss, I haven't had any amazing results there:( I am hoping it will help with my declining bone density. But I'm just very excited about the results I have had!

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    We love GLUKOS, great for workouts as well as keeping adults and kids hydrated when they are sick. Love the powder sticks. Great for on the go.