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  • Karla - The reviews were really good on this product

    The smell takes some getting used to and I am not sure if it is very conditioning. However, as long as it works to repel lice...that's all I care about. The reviews were really good on this product, so I hope it works.

  • etmama - Fantastic lotion for sensitive skin

    I looooove this moisturizer! I have searched for years for a moisturizer that won't make my face break out and doesn't break the bank. This is very light, not at all heavy or greasy, and absorbs quickly. I used to pay more than twice as much for Mary Kay product, but I decided to give this a try, and I'm so glad I did!

  • D. M. - Waste of money and time

    disappointing. The thing is so small that you'd need at least several changes of the cloth to actually clean one room. I live by myself in a very small apartment and it couldnt even get everything clean. Not a price efficient purchase. I would have been better off with a traditional mop and broom. When I tried to send Swiffer a money back request (as part of their cash back guarantee) they said they never received anything. They said my request was prob lost in the mail. Oh really Swiffer? How convenient for them. I am never trusting this company again.

  • Super Shopper - A Real Review

    I was skeptical about purchasing due to some negative reviews mostly from other sites. However, I'm so glad I tried this product! I have read that the company is a scam, if so well they've got me! I bought this for myself, a mid 40s woman who developed sudden skin problems in recent years, and for my teen. I must say that yes, I saw results in just one day. We have both seen remarkable results with several days use. I only use once a day at night. I have never had skin problems so as you could imagine when I started to break out I, too, quickly tried other things. Proactiv was too harsh for me, as was the OTC products...salacytic acid and benzoyl peroxide. The Clinique acne formula also did nothing to help my skin. This product smells pleasant and is not overly drying to the skin, which I was surprised about. In fact, I haven't used a moisturizer yet. I'm examining closely to see if I will need to.