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  • Shusaku Endo - Troubleshooting the Zippo Hand warmer....some thoughts.

    There are lots of positive reviews and a good number of negative reviews, so thought I would add my experience - positive and negative with the product and some troubleshooting tips.

  • Jaime DeNorcey - Awesome

    I got this bike a few months ago. Its a great Dk bike, strongly built and with proper assembly is a great bicycle. I do bmx street. And it holds up for the tricks i do.

  • Debra Wilson - Good reading

    I like how it explains everything in detail. Helpful if youre new to Wicca and just good reading. I would recommend it as a part of your collection.

  • T. L. - POOR!

    I think the name is just hype. I've been on the hunt for fat burners and (this is going to sound silly) but I can't swallow pills (I know!) so I open capsules and drink them. Doing this for so long, I know good ingredients when I taste them. These pills hardly have a taste like most other pills, except the fact Shredz has a crap load of cayenne pepper in it. Because of this, they say it has a thermo effect and promotes weight loss....ya cuz of the cayenne pepper, big deal! I stopped taking it after 2 weeks and now sits on my shelf. Very disappointed and no wonder why fitness competitors no longer work with them.

  • Tera M. - Gets the squirrels!

    Just too many squirrels. Last year they ate my entire crop of pecans and tomatoes. This year, they got all the pomegranates, plums, barbados cherries and sunflowers. (Thank goodness they don't like onions! At least I got one thing out of my garden! ) They eat holes in my roof eaves, Couldn't take it any more. But I couldn't let my husband take pot shots at them with a gun, either.