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  • True - actually works

    I have used most of the OTC facial hair removers for my lip. They work but I dont like the smell and I have probably damaged my skin a time or two. I did not think that a product that uses balm first, could remove the hair, but it did. My hair is probably fine, with one or two coarser hairs. Because I had the original kit, I didnt hold out much hope for either type of hair. However, they are all gone! Less smell, and no irritation. I will use again.

  • keepnithealthy - Love love love this stroller/jogger

    Love love love this stroller/jogger. However, it is unfortunate that you have to purchase wheels for it separately. I have purchased the the jogger wheels, the stroller wheels, and a console....paying an extra 200.00. Kinda bogus.

  • Darwin - Poor Battery and works mostly with sty-let, but I do like working on it.

    This product advertisement is kind misleading. It says touchscreen but it is hard touch (resistive) i.e you need the stylet. Press hard or you have to use the sty-let and that is why it is there. Playing most games will require the sty-let. With the presence of many real touch screen tablets in the market who will need a stylet? The Battery is very poor. It does not last 1 to 2 hours so you keep charging this machine more than you use it! The battery does not even last one hour when WiFi is on. However, it has two main advantages: The sty-let is good in accurate and more detailed paintings and drawings. So if you or your kid like to paint or draw then this tablet is for you. The sty-let add the touch of a pencil, brush, or crayon, and so on. It has a very good speed WiFi which is not the case in many pc tablets in the market. Downloading is impressively good for a cheap tablet. You can watch Youtube on it well. If you are Ok with a smaller screen then pay only little more and get a kindle fire as it more solid and durable. However kindle is not sty-let touch screen.

  • Brian Hough - Not apple, but still delicious

    Yesterday I decided to venture up to my cafeteria's snack bar. As I shuffled through the shelves of brownies, cookies, donuts, and cocaine I came across this uniquely colored Snapple juice like beverage. Assuming like any sane and rational person would that this was simply Snapple's own personalbrand of sheep juice, I decided to give this a try - I am, after all, a part time sheep herder and enjoy myself the succulent blood of some infantile sheep occasionally. After one quick sip of this beverage, I nearly dropped it in surprise - low and behold, the taste was not of my famed sheep blood, but of something else entirely! Wondering what it could possibly be, I quickly turned the bottle around and read the ingredients: Water, Sugar, and Pear.

  • jennifer moore - Great fun for everyone

    Really fun game, the kids love it. So glad I got this, seeing how much fun it is makes ME want to "just dance"