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  • Laozi - Perfect for my needs

    Fits perfectly into my Timbuk2 bag and turns it into the best organized camera bag ever There's plenty of room for my D5200 and 3 lenses and can be easily reconfigured to accommodate whatever I decide to pack along with me.


    This has to be one of the worst genealogy software programs I have ever had. It sync's ok with the family tree at When sync'd it doesnt include obits or bio's. It shows an e symbol like for internet explorer and you have to click on that and open up a different window to view the obits or bios. It is way to complicated in adding info on a person.

  • Amazon Customer - Finally some relief after LASIK!

    They were out of the Systane Ultra at my pharmacy and I had to buy a store-brand. The store brand would only work for a few minutes and my eyes were feeling dry again. I am on day 4 after LASIK and the dryness was really my only issue. (Oh my goodness the dryness! My eyes were like the Sahara Desert.) I go back for my follow-up with my surgeon and I am hoping to be cleared for a nighttime gel or something as well. In the meantime, my dear husband dropped these off for me on my first day back at work. AHHH mazing. My eyes feel perfect now. I hope this continues because I now have both comfortable eyes and eagle vision. I am very pleased.

  • Bill F - Registration is a pain!

    This version is still new and I have only used it for a few days. So far everything seems to work. HOWEVER, registering this product took a couple hours and left me extremely angry with Intuit. When you purchase this product you are provided with a product key to install but later after you do all the setup and configuration your are then required to contact Intuit by phone for a "validatiion code". Took three calls to get someone without an accent that I could understand, (outsourcing at it's best!), then they would not give me the required code unless I provided them with my address, phone number and email address, none of which I want them to have. They do sell your information to third party companies and also conduct an extensive in house marketing program. I don't need another 8 or 10 advertisements every month. I bounced the call to a supervisor and essentially was told the same thing. I asked for a refund and was told that was not possible because I had already installed the software (which won't run without he "validation code" they won't give me) Long story shortened, after a very unhappy conversation and finally I asked for the corporate headquarters phone number, she gave me a validation number and said thank you and hung up. I plan on finding another US manufacturer if I can.