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Country:, Europe, IE

City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Jacqueline - My white canvas shoes are still white

    I bought it to keep my white canvas shoes clean for as long as possible. That being said, my white canvas Keds are still white and it's been a few months. Anything that gets on the shoes wipes off pretty easily.

  • Karen W - Save Your Money

    I've always heard that Mop and Glow causes a buildup on your floor, much as Pledge does on your furniture. I used this on my tile floor and it looked shiny for a week but getting it up was a chore. Now I just use vinegar and my tile shines!

  • J. Almonte - Fast shipping

    It works well on me and it's not too harsh on my skin, which was my biggest fear. I've battled with acne since my teenage years and was never able to completely rid of it for once and for all. I tried proactiv, antiobiotics, etc. and my acne would be under control under these treatments but would come back once i stop them. I think this product is worth a try for everyone who has acne.

  • mdsjhawk83 - Others are better

    sbella-You're probably thinking of Sigler's Drug Cards. They've been out for a long time and have pretty thick paper. I've now owned both.

  • Sharon - Don't spend the money

    Definitely did not get the results on the pictures. I am 46 & don't have a lot of wrinkles but the ones that I do have were unfazed by this product. The holidays messed up my ability to return this so now im stuck with it.

  • Selma - I did not follow direction recommended by the product

    I purchases this product to help me reduce my facial hair. I procrastinated to buy the product due to reviews and did not want to spend money if the product was not going to work. I did not follow direction recommended by the product, insted, I used it daily. My facial hair was getting thicker, as I have a condition called hirsutism. I have been plucking but it did not seem to help. I was very tired of doing this and it stained my chin, I have sensitive skin. As soon as I got this product, I shaved and used it daily. At first my hair got thicker and I was worried I had made a mistake, nonethelss, I continue my session daily. After, a month of use, I have seen result. My facial hair is no longer thick, my chin skin is not as stained (I am applying a cream to reduce dark spots), in some areas of my face there is no hair. I am letting grow to see how it looks and it is growing thinner and fine hair. I no longer get those little black spots, and I am happy. I feel free to expose my face to the sun, Knowing that my facial skin is not at dark due to the plucking and my facial hair is fine to none at all. I feel very feminine and can't wait to see my partner and let him touch my face. I did not let him do so, I was to embarrass, although, he knows of my condition. I still felt very uncomfortable but not anymore.