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    This is a great product! I used it last year to take care of an actual flea problem in my home and after about 5 weeks, fleas were gone and stayed gone for a year as the product claims. I re-applied it on this purchase just to keep my cats flea free without rubbing poisons into their skin.

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    These replace the Ray-Ban Aviators I bought in 1990, but were damaged beyond repair when I accidentally stepped on them a couple of years ago. At that tine, I was unwilling to pay the price to replace them, so I bought counterfeit Ray-Bans instead. The counterfeit glasses looked pretty good until I dropped them, and the glass shattered. I'm glad that didn't happen when I was wearing them! Genuine Ray-Ban glass is shatterproof.

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    Definitely required reading before a trip to Italy . On our last trip, saved money by eating and staying at his recommended restaurants and hotels. Had money left over at the end of our trip! We never travel to Europe without one of Rick Steve's books. All the insider information you could ever want. Tear out the info on the cities you are visiting and take them with you.