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  • Randy - Cardinals

    The DVD showed all the high lights. Game 6 was the best the people where tenis in the game. When the final home was hit it was hard to describe but was great.

  • Virginia Mouton - It works for my husband

    My husband took this for a week before he could feel something that helps him with the pain on his leg. While taking symbicort, his leg started to hurt. So he wants to take something to ease the pain. He has been taking pain reliever that didn't help him, so he started taking this supplement and feels that it's working.

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful Arrangement - But Ghastly Recording

    All these starts given above are for the Arrangement and the show as a whole. The quality of the recording is an absolute horror. Smothered down Highs, Lose bass... This Recording cannot light a candle to anything else done by The Really Useful Theatre group. I don't know who approved this mix and master to go out on production.

  • Karl Weaver - Great, easy to use software not only for wills but power of attorney for health care and related documents

    This downloaded and installed with no hitches. I had used Willmaker 2012 and, since there have been several changes in our circumstances since then, realized it was time to update our wills. Our estates are fairly straightforward and not unduly complicated and for us, this product seemed sufficient. The laws of your own state will help in knowing whether it should be filed with court in advance or not (they should at least be notarized, and spaces are provided where needed). The design is simple, flexible, and comprehensive enough for most peoples' needs though anyone with more questions can take their production to an estate attorney and work with them on any additional refinements that may be needed.

  • Bill - Product is NOT 18/10 stainless steel!

    While the written description clearly states that this product is made from 18/10 stainless steel, IT IS NOT.

  • Dave Smith - Bought it, Tried it Out, Returning it

    I purchased the Flex based on a review claiming, " is scary good...the pedometer George Jetson would have...the life-enhancing - perhaps life-changing - aspect of the Flex, is its ability to keep you focused on your exercise certainly is the most sophisticated device available today".

  • Skylamor - Peppermint for Migraines, Tea Tree for Disinfecting Clothing, Kitchens, & Bathrooms, & Much More!

    So, this is a nice group of essential oils to have in your home for a variety of reasons and uses. You get six oils, all in 10 ml. glass bottles with sealed lids. I cant say that I have a favorite because I love them all. For instance, I have used the peppermint oil, just a few drops, on my temples and wrists for migraines and nausea. It takes that edge off and for anyone that has migraines knows how any relief is golden. I use the tea tree oil in the washing machine, takes odors and disinfects the clothing, bedding, towels, etc. The lavender and lemongrass I use in my diffuser for relaxation. I also make home cleaning sprays by using several of these oils alone and in combination in a bottle to disinfect and clean the bathroom and kitchen area. I even spray these into the air to freshen and purify the air. You can add a few drops of your favorite along with water and/ or vinegar. Google ' 'homemade essential oil cleaning' to find your favorite recipes. That's what I did. The homemade sprays are much cheaper than the store bought chemical cleaners and better for our lungs, too! I have had no issues with any of these oils and would purchase again. Price is great for this set. Recommended.