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  • Carl Tait - Can never be reinstalled on another machine - DO NOT BUY

    Outrageous: Microsoft has confirmed that once you install Office 2013 on a machine, you can NEVER reinstall it on another machine. Motherboard fried? Too bad; when you buy a replacement machine, you'll have to buy a new Office 2013 license. Just want to upgrade to a new machine? Say farewell to your Office 2013 license.

  • Stephanie - Great safe car seat (especially for taller babies)

    After much research, we purchased this car seat for my 8 month old daughter, and it's truly met all of our needs to date. We chose this seat for several reasons: safety (rebound bar and steel construction); length of use (she's in the 90+ percentile for height and want her to stay rear facing as long as possible. This seat accommodates the tallest height rear-facing); profile (my husband and I are tall, and we needed something that wouldn't infringe too much on leg room); wear (my sister has a Foonf and raved about the ability to easily clean their fabric, stays looking new). There's more, but hopefully that helps if you're considering the seat. Cons are the weight (it's heavy, but we're not moving it regularly), a little tough to install at first (but what carseats aren't, really).

  • Lily - She says it smells great and doesn't burn like the women's Rogaine does to ...

    Just received this in the mail. I hope it works. My wifes hair started falling out and thinning after our son was born. She says it smells great and doesn't burn like the women's Rogaine does to her head.

  • buen chapin - So-So movie, but bloody brilliant Special FX

    Alas, this is just the same apocalyptic/doomsday scenario as "The Day after Tomorrow", but recycled. Too bad, that the goddamn politicians and the millionaires are the "chosen" people to preserve the continuation of the human race. Go figure! The acting is quite good, but many scenes are cheesy, cloying and ridiculous. I hate it, when a serious plot is mixed up or alternates with black humor, out-of-the-context romantic interludes and literally dozens of narrow escape situations. There are so many of these scenes, that it becomes truly annoying and too much to bear. I'd say that, many of the latest American movies are filled with that sort of junk. However, Mr. Emmerich has outdone himself in regards to the Special FX and Computarized animations. These alone, make the movie worth seeing!! The Special effects are awesome and fascinating! The best I've seen in a looooong time. I'm looking forward to watching the movie again as a rental, but purchasing it, well,....I don't know as yet. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, when it arrives at Blockbusters. Five stars for the Special FX and only two stars for the movie!

  • eklh - Love!

    I love this hair mask. From the yummy smell to the silkiness of my hair, I only use this conditioner for my curly/thin/frizzy hair!