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  • Christian S. Rodriguez - Hair loss, see ya later bye....

    This shampoo has helped with my hair growth. It has thickened my hair in places I never knew my hair was gone from. It smells great. Only a few pumps, let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse. I've only been using it for a month or so and I see a big difference. I love it!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Works

    Overall not bad for the price. Within minutes one diode went out, so far only the one has burnt out.

  • terry bradshaw - Great product.. Nicely Priced.. Very quit

    Works great nice size tank largest in its class. Also is 110psi most run 90psi. Ive read complaints about not having an off switch on the pick. Thats why we have two hands. Then I read that the on off button is hard to activate and will fall off a pedestal sink when turning on and off. Simple solutions is to grab the unit like a coffee mug placing fingers around the side and back of unit therefore bracing it. Or remove the extra tray that hold extra tips. Then you lower your hand over the area were the extra tips tray wad use your fingers let them slide over the lip and use your thumb to turn off and on the switch with your thumb kind of like pinching action. Your fingers are again bracingvthe unit. Both ways I described your fingers are bracing the unit so it doesn't get pushed back and your thumb activates switch. The switch loosens up after a week or so. Its really not an issue unless your all thumbs and have lack of dexterity issues. This is a great product and is much quieter then units twice the price. Its everything you need and much more. Even after brushing and flossing you'll still blow particles of food loose. Its amazing how much debris remains after brushing and flossing. It makes you not want to kiss anyone unless they to have and use an h2ofloss. Ive had my unit for two weeks and its far better then the last two water picks that I've used.

  • quiltedjeans - My initial thoughts on this little guy

    Love this little guy! I've been following his development for quite awhile and I am glad I finally got him. He's been lots of fun! He has even encouraged the teenager in my house to come out of his room and actually hang out with the family. Fist impressions which led to the four star rating of this little engineering wonder are:

  • Elizabeth Jensen - Had to Return It

    This doesn't work with all Graco car seats. Only the classic! Who still has the classic when the click connect is available. I returned this and had to get the Chico version to work with my infant seat.

  • G. Bainer - Love my new PS4!

    Sony did not disappoint with the newest console...I love pretty much everything about it, but if one thing stands out, it's the major improvement of the controller. It is a vast improvement on the Dual Shock 3. The light is a bit weird, but I understand it has a purpose, as it can be used something like the PS move controller in some applications. Otherwise, the controller is pretty much perfect.

  • Larry Richmond - Horable support!! Scam!!

    I've purchased this product three times and been charged more than my purchase price to get support to make it usable. I regret ever buying it to start with!!!