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Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic - We are a veterinary medical facility, providing services to pets in Spring Hill, KS and surrounding areas.

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  • Marcyinak - A little spendy, but a good product.

    A friend introduced this to me when I complained of dye skin from where I live (Nome, AK). She said, just do your normal nightly routine - steaming washcloth and Libriderm for me- and roll it on over.". It IS that simple! Dries very fast, clear so my husband doesn't even know I have it on.

  • Bastian Ferreira - Decent enough.

    It does a pretty good job in helping with the healing process, but only after peeling is mostly over. You should still use Aquaphor up to that point. Also, this lotion irritated my graylines a lot. I had to switch back to the Aquaphor for those sections.

  • Brad & Christina Owings - Highly Recommend

    Wow! I can't believe how easy the install was. I highly recommend watching the YouTube video prior to starting. Also, if you encounter an issue with the data programming, make sure to double check the can high and can low connections. Unbelievable price, awesome customer support and just an overall great product!

  • P. L. Hamilton - Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment

    Have only had occasion to use this shirt a couple of times since I received it for my greyhound, Fancy. She gets terribly nervous during thunderstorms, but with this shirt on she seems to be much less frightened. We haven't had any really bad storms since we got the shirt, so it has still not been tested thoroughly. One rumble of thunder usually sends her to hide in the closet, but she laid down and slept the last time it thundered, although there were only a couple of rumbles. I am hoping it will do the trick, and am so glad this product is available.

  • Martha Twain - Nice planner, but the size is a bit inconvenient.

    This planner is well made and has many pretty shapes to color in. The only reason I didn't like it is that because of the large size (8.5 x 11), the natural tendency is to flip it open all the way, back to back. So the part you're writing on for your planner is on one side, and the coloring pages are on the other side. I prefer to doodle and color mindlessly while I am also writing on the planning part, instead of having to flip back and forth between coloring side and planning side.