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  • Karen W - A Waste of Money -- and perhaps a Hoax?

    I know this product is sold through a MLM. Not sure how it got on Amazon but I gave it a whirl. Ridiculous claims. Don't waste your time or money.

  • Melody - Solid Build

    Overall it has a solid build, feels like it could definitely take a hit with solid face protection. This is not a dirt bike helmet like a Shoei VFX-W so don't expect it to feel like one, it has all the same properties of a bicycle helmet with more coverage. I lost two front teeth in a nasty MTB crash a while back and this helmet put my mind at ease.

  • Ashrae - The Devil's Work

    I think that this author is one of THE best at the psychological thriller genre. He has a way of getting right under my skin and basically controls my life from the moment I pick up one of his books until the very last page. I am basically putty in his hands. Oh and it's not exactly a smooth ride either because he writes about things that can happen to people like me. That's what make his stories all the more scary, they ARE possible. They also keep me right on my toes as a reader as he is also the master of bait and switch, the devil of deception and the king of wrong footing. But you know what, he does it in such a clever way so I never feel cheated as I have with some authors' twists coming right out of left field.

  • Aaron Vlek - Five Stars

    This is yet another stellar offering from guys who have never had a weak moment. This is incredible!

  • Timothy Mason - If you need this, you REALLY NEED THIS.

    I can accept that the top of my head is getting thin. I am even going to embrace it, come New Years Day with a new lack of hair style, when I finally free my scalp from the bondage of hair. The same hair that used to populate the top of my head is now growing on my back, but this is unacceptable. It had to go.