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  • Yulia Romazanova - the best for preparing for the mcat

    ive heard a lot about this book and purchased it. i tried mcat for the first time and can tell that the complicity of the test is almost the same that examples in the book. of course more material needed but its a decent addition. really like it

  • Hwang - The Best Take on the Hercules' Legend

    Last summer saw a rebirth of the Hercules legend with its genesis in Hollywood with Mr. America/Pro. Universe, Steve Reeves (the muscle man who was featured in comic books that created a generation of bullied youths who took up the sport with the view of payback) which later featured Arnold Schwarzenegger's role model as an aspiring bodybuilder in Austria, the next major champion to defeat Steve Reeves as Mr. Pro. Universe, U.K.'s Reg Park (who was given first class travel arrangements and accommodations for his role), which will later be played by Lou Ferrigno (who had the most successful run of Hercules movies and whom most cinema audiences associate with the Hercules franchise), a role which Arnold will later assume in the box office flop Hercules in New York; given the fact that the last Hercules movie featuring Arnold was in the seventies, Renny Harlin figured it was time to reboot the entire franchise with a box office flop entitled, The Legend of Hercules, in the same manner that Rupert Wyatt deemed necessary to reboot the critically acclaimed Planet of the Apes franchise that was based on Pierre Boulle's Ape Planet, which had a successful run in the seventies as a box office trilogy and was serialized for TV - given its unsuccessful reboot as a franchise by Tim Burton, resulting in a similar reboot to the Hercules franchise this summer in a phenomenal box office hit by Brett Ratner, featuring awesome CGI by Double Negative, and the most awesome physique since Arnold and Lou - with Dwayne Johnson, playing Hercules and the handsome Ingrid Bolso Berdal playing Atalanta, the only female heroine, with Hercules being commissioned by King Eurystheus to serve as protector of Rome to defeat twelve mythical creatures that was threatening the empire, which was supposedly sent by his father, Zeus' wife, Hera, to task Hercules owing to jealousy over her husband having mated with a mortal woman, Hercules' mother, Alcmene, following which he butchered Hercules's family and spread rumors to the effect that Hercules had butchered his wife, Megara, and their children, and, having done so, banished Hercules from Rome, following which Hercules transforms into a mercenary for hire and finds himself being commissioned by Lord Coty to train an army of peasant to rise against Rhesus (which gave birth to Obama and John Kerry's strategy in Syria and Iraq) - who was the only one who rose in protest against Lord Cotys after he has poisoned Ergenia's husband to claim the throne, with Hercules, eventually, uncovering the truth from Ergenia and turning against Lord Cotys, who was colluding with King Eurystheus in an attempt at world conquest, and, having done so, discovering Hercules defying him, and unearthing the truth about what King Eurystheus did to his family, and, thereby, turning against the invincible army he had trained and successfully defeating them, defying the prediction of his oracle, Amphiaraus - who had prophesized Hercules' and his own death, thereby, claiming his rightful place as the legend of a true hero, which resides in each and everyone one of us as Mariah Carey implied in her song, Hero.

  • sockhunter8 - Good for Reference, Not Learning

    This is not a book you want to read front to back. I read the first 5 chapters and was often confused because the author jumps around. There a lot of filler about basic functions like copy and paste. Some times it repeats content. It does not have fundamentals in the beginning for some of the topics so it seems out of order. On a positive note it does cover a wide range of topics. It makes a better reference book than textbook or guide.

  • NaTasha C Edwards - Moisturizing hair butter without the weight

    Great product for taming frizziness while providing excellent moisture without leaving your hair feeling greasy and filmy. I have been struggling with mixing products or adding my own ingredients to provide this level of moisture without weighing my hair down! Great job keraveda!