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  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - Worldwide, the demographic profile of societies is changing, resulting in ageing populations. As society ages the prevalence of dementia also increases. BU researchers from a range of disciplines and practice backgrounds conduct research that contributes to (and is informed by) policy and practice, using theory and evidence to make a difference to the everyday issues an ageing society faces.
  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - In a period of unprecedented environmental change, we are world leaders in understanding and developing policies to manage its impact. We have specialists in conservation and restoration ecology, freshwater and marine ecology, microbiology, ecological modelling, and extinction rates. They work on local, national and international environmental agendas, informing policy at all levels.
  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - Changes in society often bring conflict and violence, raising issues of security, welfare and social protection. We work across all these fields, looking at the impacts of change both in ancient civilisations and today’s world. Our experts also look at the media’s role in cultural and political change.
  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - We’re world leaders in computer animation, media production, and marketing and communications, and we work with the creative industries throughout the UK and overseas. We’re also experts in media copyright, software systems and artificial intelligence, so we are making a large contribution to one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy.
  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - As the economy recovers, the key to future development is making sure the UK is able to drive innovation and economic growth. Our staff work at regional, national and international level to improve the country’s ability to succeed in areas such as business incubation, leadership and management, human resources and organisational behaviour.
  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - We are home to one of the UK’s leading centres for tourism education and research, and we contribute to research and improving professional practice in areas such as wellbeing through leisure, recreation and sport management, sustainable futures, tourism management, forecasting and development planning, and disaster management. We are also pioneers in the field of eTourism research.
  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - Our research touches upon every stage of the lifespan, from birth to death. By linking health and social care, we are able to focus on people’s quality of life. We make a difference by changing people’s lives through our research and delivering new and improved ways of treating and caring for patients.
  • People - Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages - Good design is at the heart of an innovative society. It enables us to tackle the challenges of an ageing population and economic growth, while balancing the need for long-term sustainability. We have design engineers working on biomedical engineering, applied artificial intelligence, tribology, creative design and design modelling, advanced materials and material evaluation, renewable technology and sustainable design.

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