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  • J. Robitaille - Worth it.

    Perfect for on my 15' R/T classic, throttle response is significantly better and the sound isn't necessarily louder but it is a bit more of a growl. As far as horsepower, I didn't notice much of a difference . Great product and the shipping was considerably faster than I expected.

  • Robert Breton - Make a beauty more beautiful with these roof trim pieces

    I like a bit of bling on my cars in the form of chrome, stainless steel parts. But, I don't like them to look added on. If it looks like it was a factory option, then it usually ends up on my car. These two chrome looking strips look great. They are flexible and are self adhesive backed with 3M backing for easy and quick installation. They fit right over the existing painted roof strips. There may be some trimming to fit perfectly, but that is done with a pair of scissors. The end result is very nice. It gives the car a new look, and it really stands out especially when parked next to a car without the upgrade. I highly recommend this product.

  • Michael C. - A twist too far!

    I really enjoyed the book and got into the characters, I cared whether they lived or died, but I felt that the admiral being the reason for the war was an unnecessary and somewhat unbelievable twist.

  • brinaathena - Excellent

    I loved it. Everything was easy to understand and anyone can do just about anything he suggests. Excellent. Straight to the point.

  • Elena - Product not as pictured or described

    The product arrived quickly BUT it is NOT the product shown on the picture. It says in the description that it is NiteWhite Excel, which is supposed to be made by Discus Dental. The product that I received is Philips Zoom. It does say NiteWhite underneath but I am not sure how it is related to the Discus Dental NiteWhite if at all. Have not tried it yet so I have nothing to say about the quality and the effectiveness of it so far. I'll post the review regarding this later.

  • C. Russell - Taken over several months this did seem to help regulate ...

    Taken over several months this did seem to help regulate my daughter's periods. It may have helped to reduce menstrual pain as well, though I think that was probably due to ginger capsules.

  • Dr. Webb - Not the best, not the worst

    I have not had a problem with virus' getting through, but have had several "Ad" malware get through. Have had one Norton picked up on and warned me about, but it was already on the computer when it warned me. I don't believe any antivirus program is foolproof though.