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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • WLSinWI - As good as it gets.

    Ordered the I3 model as the Celeron was not available from Amazon at the time. I am very impressed with the speed of startup - 5 seconds! I was hesitant about ordering when I heard that Toshiba was discontinuing sales in the US but I reasoned that at least there would be no next model to envy and being the last and best model available it should hold its value for a while so I was willing to get the most powerful version with the I3 processor. I read the complaints that some had but it seems that any manufacturing issues have been fixed. There was no light bleed at the edges, no fan noise no trackpad looseness and no excessive heat from the bottom or the power supply. The screen does not have excessive glare and the colors pop nicely. I plan on using it indoors and a tablet when outside anyway. The quality of the screen is better than the Dell Chromebook and it is smaller and weighs less. It is a plastic case but a very nice plastic and there is no excessive flex. With the I3 it is still cheaper than the Dell with a Celeron. Also it is one of the few Chrome books that offer a full size SD card slot, most offer microsd and what good is that if my cameras are all regular SD.

  • Barbara Gentile - ICD 9 2013

    A must have for the exam and very easy to use. This is exactly what I ordered and need to study for my CPC exam. It was delivered on time and in excellent condition.

  • Brad Ledford - Not very good

    I live in an apt in the suburbs of a mid sized town. I tried pointing the antenna in all directions and all I got was pixelated channels at best.

  • C Makoski - Much Better Alternative to LifeStraw

    Much better than LifeStraw. No straws or mouthpieces to worry about bacteria growing in and you can filter water and either drink it from GRAYL or pour it into any other container. The price is comparable with other bottles that do the same thing but the different filter options available are better than the other bottles. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is that you have to use your body weight to press the water thru the filter. It works best to put it on the ground & press down. I can see this might be a problem for some people. There's also the possibility of debris falling into the water (because if you leave the top on there's no way for the air to escape and its almost impossible to push down). I would definitely recommend this product!