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  • L.Reyes - The Bible for USMLE Step 1.

    The bible for STEP 1, many changes added compared to 2013 and 2014 versions. However, if you are going to take the test in 2016 I recommended to go for the lastest version avaliable. Do NOT use just this book + UWORLD for study if you don't have a good background, first do a good course like kaplan, annotate while studying and then go for it.

  • greg m - Not bad for the price

    Intallation wasn't a big deal, but I had some help from a friend who's familiar with these and other automotive parts. Without my friends help it would have taken me longer simply because I would have spent the extra time figuring things out since the instructions are rather vague. I installed on an Overland and the fit was seamless. The good, I have not tried our luggage bag but now we can use it. The bad, these have added wind noise which is faint and tolerable up to 65/70 mph. Above 70 mph I noticed the noise level to increase, but load the kids and turn on the radio and it's not a big issue. I have to say wind noise would likely be expected from any similar product since you are adding height and crossing over rather than in line with the vehicle.

  • Shelby - LOVE IT!

    I would highly recommend this book! I bought it to prepare for NCLEX and I reviewed this in a week and started taking practice tests. Was doing pretty good using these strategies! GREAT product to Prepare for the biggest test we all fear out of Nursing school :) I would also say the newer version 2013-2014 is for the most the same exact outline and questions. I looked through both at a book store nearby and they are very close to the same. I practiced with this book and other questions 3 weeks out from my test date and I passed NCLEX with 75 questions! GOOD LUCK! These strategies do work!

  • Melo - Happy with the angry look...

    Great look. The screws holes don't line up well but I made it fit. Comes with nothing. Have to use the old hardware from my old grill. No Jeep logo so buy one before. I put the Jeep Cherokee logo, its bigger, looks awesome. All in all...looking to look mad...get it. 20 minutes to myself.

  • Amazon Customer - Performs advertised - but mind the expiry date

    This is a really cool substance I have used for a number of repairs and hacks. From repairing damaged microphones and antennas on our Fire Company radios (we beat the crap out of them on the job)to patching an errant hole in a water barrel and even creating new bushings for a fan motor!

  • Ken in Denver - All you wanted to know about the Expert pen ...

    I've had probably a dozen of these Expert black with gold trim rollerball pens over 20 years, typically buying 2-3 at a time since I seem to lose one every year or two. Mont Blancs just seem too old-fashioned and snobby to me. I first saw a doctor writing with an Expert 2o years ago, and it looked so handsome I knew this would be my signature pen forever. "Handsome" is the right word since this pen is "masculine" in size. It's 5 1/2" long closed, 6" long opened, and 1/2" in diameter, so it's not for tiny hands or those who like light pens. For those, the Waterman slimmer "Perspective" or "Exception" or "Hemisphere" collections may be more appropriate. It operates like a fountain pen - you pull off the cap (top part in picture) and click it down onto the base (bottom part in picture) to write. You unscrew the two bottom parts to put in a refill.