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  • Lisa - more for adults

    I never played this game when I was growing up. I'm 31 now, and I've had my ouija board for about 2 years. I origionally bought it for my 12 year old stepdaughter, and I was also curious to see if it would really work. Well, I found out quite a few things about the ouija board. works...two...not for everyone...3...use it carefully......I myself cannot work the board. I've tried many times, and it just doesn't work. When my friend has come to visit, I've managed to get her to play, with a lot of begging, and it always works very well for her. I also pursuaded my mother to try it, and a neighbor, and they too got good results. It's been very enlightening for a skeptic like me. I don't really think kids should be playing without the supervision of an adult. I'd like to get one of wood, but the glow in the dark one is great too, especially when you want to turn out all the lights, It lights up really well, too bad it fades kind of fast though. Still, if you have any doubts about the spirit world, get yourself one of these and a partner, and find out for yourself! Just make sure you know what you're doing first and remember that it doesn't always work for everyone.

  • Mary cole - Great Title

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book it kept you wandering what was going to happen next. It is about a man who is a lawyer, but a dishonest one. He has a grudge against this other lawyer. He plants evidence, has people to give false information, and has a man kill another man all in his attempt to distort this man.

  • Frank Wolf - Excel 2010 Bible

    It had virtually nothing on "IF" and "Embedded IF" statements. I don't know what else to say. So that's it.

  • C. Payne - Just Your Average, Above Average Valve Oil

    I personally love this product. I have been playing trumpet for 8 years and I use this on my current horn all the time. It is a normal oil so do not mix it with an synthetic oil like Blue Juice. There is a huge list of famous performers who use this product and if you haven't used Al Cass, I would strongly suggest it over Yamaha, Bach, Clark Terry 44 and Jupiter valve oil. If you have extremely tight valves that normal valve oils just are too sluggish, try Clark Terry 44 or go synthetic.

  • Ms. Sherry Liu - a must read!

    This is a must-read for anyone who encounter huge ships daily and do not want to get run over by them. I found this book extremely helpful. To this day, I have never been run over by a single huge ship!!