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  • Carey B - I love this product!!

    Lipozene works! I have never tried a diet pill before because of all the bad reviews on them but I finally broke down last week and bought Lipozene. I use it like it's my religion, 2 pills 3 times a day, 30 mins before meal time and I have lost 14lbs in 1 week!!! If you want to see results like mine you still need to watch what you eat, be healthy and exercise.

  • Mary M. Newman - Love this machine. It worked for me.

    This machine gave me my life back. I had 2, stage 3 herniated discs, in my lower back, from lengthy hours sitting at a computer. After 6 months of treatments else where, i purchased the back2 life. After my first twenty minute session, i felt better. After just a few more sessions, i was pain free. I have not been to a chiropractor since. I use it maybe once or twice a year now? I tell everyone I know, and it has helped most people. 5 of them have ordered one for themselves and feel the very same as I do about the help this machine gives to back pain.

  • Love to Read - Not for me

    I read all the great reviews and thought I would give this a try. It just wasn't good. This is a very short book but I could not even finish it. Thank goodness I only borrowed it from Amazon Prime. I don't know really but to me it was just kind of boring. Also the voices just didn't ring true either. Derek after waking up from a 400 year sleep (and 400 years is a LONG time) sounded like he was from this time period. I know this was a first book and perhaps things get better, but I don't care. This one wasn't good enough for me to continue.


    For the price,it is the best one I can find.High quality picture and sound,and it has power protecter.

  • sunidayz - Time I'll never get back..

    Don't even bother with this movie. I have seen some horrible horror/thriller movies, but this is the absolute worst. When viewing films, I generally give all movies a chance, and watch the whole film to give a fair review. But this one , I had to shut off after 20 minutes . It was terrible in every way-acting, script, unprofessionalism. I very, very rarely shut off a movie because of the disgust and the stupidity of the film. Don't even waste your time on this one.