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  • Christi - LOVE!!!

    Ok seriously, these little guys are AMAZING!!!! I never even knew they existed!!! Yes I use them on my eyebrows but they are great for so much more! I always have one in my purse in case I need it. Are you ever out and about and notice you missed a spot shaving?? Well, pull that sucker out of your purse and problem solved!! Best little invention ever!!!! A GREAT stocking stuffer for Christmas. My mom, sister and girlfriends would LOVE this!!!

  • Pamela - Disappointing Sequel

    I am a big fan of the original Independence Day. I watch it nearly every time it plays on TV. I was expecting more from the sequel. The dialogue is pretty bad, and is a far cry from the humor of the first. Jeff had lousy lines, and only Liam had anything clever to say. Looks like the setup is leading to an ID3. I hope they hire better writers.

  • chelle - saves money!

    I have used Rid-X for years. Have never had a problem with my septic system. I believe Rid-X is the reason for that because I must confess, I don't do the maintenance I should be doing on my septic system. I recommend this product to everyone that uses a septic system. Get it from Amazon with Subscribe and Save and you never have to worry about running out.

  • Sarah - One word.....Amazing!

    I've suffered from acne since I was 12. I'm 31 now. I've been to the Drs and nothing they ever gave me worked so I figured I was just doomed to have acne the rest of my life. Then my boyfriend got roped into buying these products at the mall. I used the salt scrub first and it was awesome so I tried the facial peeling next. Initially I wasn't impressed. There wasn't much to the product and I didn't "feel" it working but by the next day it looked like my acne was clearing up. I didn't get too excited bc occassionally my skin likes to play tricks on me but I've been using the product once a week for 5 weeks now and my skin is finally clear and the tone, texture, and scarring have improved dramatically! An added bonus is that it didn't irritate and dry my skin out at all like all the prescriptions had. My skin is extremely sensitive and it didn't bother me at all. My bf getting suckered into buying this stuff was the best thing that has ever happened to my skin! Now I thank god hes a sucker for pretty eyes, curly hair, and accents! LOL!

  • Karl S. - Good for simple return but improvements needed for easy entry of more complex data

    In previous years I have used TurboTax Business and wanted to give this a try. If I only had to do a simple return, this would be fine. Because I have over 75 stock transactions it is essential to be able to import all this data and a nightmare to type it all in by hand. This will import data from my previous PDF file saved from TurboTax but it will not import any data from Fidelity. This makes it completely useless. I had to go back to T-Tax. All data from my 1099's had to be typed in even though providers were the same as last year. These should automatically come up with current numbers blank so only the numbers need to be filled in if used.

  • Short-Term Practical AND Long-Term Directional - Short-Term Practical AND Long-Term Directional

    The 2001 version of WCIYP is logical, readable and immediately practical. The book provides tangible assistance to anyone trying to deal with either or both of the sometimes conflicting priorities of (1) 'What kind of work should I really be doing?' and (2) 'I need a job right now!', and it builds a bridge between the two. I found that completing the workbook (a separate purchase) was a useful and necessary part of the exercise.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like it but it's not an everyday thing for me

    I generally wear untinted sunscreen only so this stuff offers some significant coverage. I sometimes mix it with untinted sunscreen to lessen the coverage. I really like it but it's not an everyday thing for me.