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  • Lina Marcela Rojas - It's a good product, I like that you can add as ...

    It's a good product, I like that you can add as much as you like, so it's really up to you to control how sweet you want it, compared to how sweet the already mixed ones are. They kind of go quick though.

  • Amazon Customer - You CANNOT call everywhere in the US

    I have used the original MJ for almost 4 years. Overall I am satisfied with it and the cost of phone service. However, there are some drawbacks. When I first started using MJ I could call anywhere in the US that I tried; things changed. The US is not covered completely by the big telco's like AT&T or Verizon. Some rural areas are serviced by telephone coops and other areas have small, compared to AT&T, independent phone companies. These companies pay to interconnect with each other. MJ doesn't pay and the companies have caught onto it. The result is you cannot call some areas. My parent live about 70 miles away and have the same area code but they are on a rural telephone coop and I can no longer call them on the MJ. The state of Alaska has ACS for phone service. You cannot call the entire state of Alaska, area code 907. As a result of this I have had to rely on my cell phone. To give the devil their due, they did offer to refund the remainder of the years service. I just had to return the MJ unit at my expense and you guessed it, the shipping cost about equaled the refund. While I admittedly do not know if the MJ+ has the same problem, I would go "all in" and say it does. Just my 2¢.

  • shoe shopper - Great waffle maker !

    I didn't realize this was a belgain waffle maker the batter i use has no leavening so I wasn't sure a Belgian waffle maker would work but it works great ! It cooks the waffles evenly and the design of the waffle maker makes easy clean up

  • ICON235 - Terrible Customer Support

    Ever try to get technical support from ROXIO? Good luck! Bought two months ago and haven't had a chance to use. Anti-virus program cleaned registry and Creator NXT stopped working as expected. Tried to repair from Creator disk and did not fix. Removed and tried to reload but the message was that the key had been used too many times. Tried web site for customer service and without purchasing a support number for $25 you are out of luck. Other products give much better support than this. I will never buy a ROXIO or CORREL product again, there are other companies that support what they sell.

  • Tanaskarel - very easy to use and understand

    The product is high quality and works perfectly, very easy to use and understand. Works fast and is perfect to take children and adult temperature and most importantly won’t make my son unconfutable when he is sick, he barely notice that I’m taking his temperature.

  • JoannaKP - sound is good or rather WAS

    I've been using them during the gym workout for a month already. They hardly stay in place - ear hook is terribly floppy. Quality of the sound is good. Forget about phone calls - it seems to be a common bluetooth earbuds issue. The person I speak with cannot hear me at all. They charge pretty fast. Connect to any device without any problems.