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  • LASO - Nice job covering the new OS

    This book did a nice job of covering Server 2012. It highlighted the new features and gave in depth explanations of the new features in Server 2012..

  • Altar Boy - Some Good Ideas . . . But Bad Implimentation

    If earth is the only stop then one has to question whether Christian morality has any merit or purpose at all. If Jesus was a myth created by men then perhaps Obama's relativistic belief in a world where man moves forward not backwards is logical, as social and economic progress and redistribution of wealth in a universe with no heaven may be the only reasonable path to achieve universal fairness. HOWEVER, if life on earth is part of a Divine Plan revealed by Jesus Christ, then social and economic progress and ownership of property needs to be made consistent with this Revelation. Because this book fails to conform to orthodox divine revelation it may be in some respects anti-Christ. It calls for action by MAN despite whether that action may go against the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit and His Church. The Amazon review of the book by "the young theologian" is a good point by point unraveling of what I'm talking about.

  • LOne traveller - Great product which works out of the box!!

    Thera breath is the most wonderful mouthwash(not the normal alcoholic one) i have ever used in my life. Like other mouthwashes it doesnt contain alcohol, so no more burning sensation in the mouth. It tastes more or less like water with a mild mint flavor. People complained they lose taste after using this mouthwash. But i have no issues so far. It works like a charm and stops your bad breath forever by not masking the bad breath, rather reduces the sulphur components by its oxygenating formula. I dont know how it stops bad breath instantly. Thanks to the oxygenation process rather than the masking of bad breath. Only a small amount of therabreath is needed for a single rinse, so the two bottles will last more than 2 months atleast for me as i use it only once a day. I think a single dose of rinse per day is enough for average bad breathers (like me!). All i can say is that its a most value for money product. Thank you Thera Breath.

  • marieangel - love IT!


  • Robert Wedwick - Esperanto Dictionary

    The dictionary includes lots of new words and phrases for keeping Esperanto up with the current world, such as words for modern computers and other scientific advances. At the front of the dictionary, Wells includes a concise grammar reference and an abundance of abbreviations. It also deals with much of the ambiguity of English, such as the many definitions for the word "bill."

  • Graham Wright - Decent value for money but TERRIBLE reliability - be warned

    I ordered 3, 1 for each of my kids and 1 for me to try out. Great looking value on paper - 10" touchscreens for a fraction of the price. DO NOT DO IT. We'll call them #1, #2, and #3. #3 has poor sound but works well on headphones. Inexplicable when #1 and #2 had good sound. #1 was dead on arrival and didn't know it yet - the fan inside made a sound similar to a bodily function. It cost $30.00 to send back and a $26USD "restocking fee" even though it has a warranty. #4 (replacement for #1) got stepped on (not iRulu's fault) and was replaced in a similar fashion. #5 arrived and was sent back because it could no longer boot into Android. $30 to ship back plus $26 USD restocking fee. #2 died (would not boot suddenly) and is now on the way as #6 ($30 to ship back and $26 USD restocking fee. If you enjoy paying for shipping and restocking fees then go ahead (they are still cheaper even now) but the hassle factor is pretty darn high. Think about buying something local so you don't have to deal with this. For the brief time they work, they are good for the money but bear this review in mind.