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  • Clinics - The Centre Sexual Health - We aim to provide a free and confidential service providing all methods of contraception as well as testing and treatments for STIs including Chlamydia, and providing PEPSE.
  • Contraception - The Centre Sexual Health - How to get contraception including pills,implants,coils,injections and emergency contraception (morning after pill) in Devon.
  • Sexual Health - The Centre Sexual Health - What happens in a Sexual Health consultation in Devon and how do I get my results?
  • STIs - The Centre Sexual Health - How to get testing and treatment for Chlamydia,warts,Herpes,Gonorrhoea,Thrush,Syphilis,BV ,lice, HIV and other STIs in Devon
  • Confidentiality - The Centre Sexual Health - Our sexual health and contraception services are confidential - even for those aged under 16 years old
  • Partner notification - The Centre Sexual Health - Health advisers form part of the sexual health care team, providing information and advice on sexual health issues, STIs, HIV and contraception. We work with clients to promote safer sex and risk reduction.
  • Clinical Guidelines - The Centre Sexual Health - This section provides information and advice for healthcare professionals. There are also many useful links to various websites.
  • Safeguarding - The Centre Sexual Health - We take the Safeguarding of all our patients very seriously. This is especially important when working with children and vulnerable people. On a recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) visit our safeguarding policies and procedures were said to be 'outstanding' and our management of safeguarding concerns were 'excellent'.

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