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    I have used the NeatDesk scanner and software for two years now. For all this time I was quite satisfied with my experience. The scanner is a sheet fed scanner and is quite good and speedy at scanning. The absolutely worst problem with this bundle is the software that comes with the scanner, NeatWorks. This proprietary software scans in all your documents and either stores them in an image database or will produce pdf's for you. The pdf's are of lower quality than I can produce with my Epson scanner and using Paperport or PageManager. This is not a function of the scanner but the software, because the image database creates very good images, but as soon as you select pdf or convert from the image database to pdf the quality is downgraded. So it drives you to keep your documents within Neatworks in the image db. To be safe I made backups every time I made a new scan and would keep up to 4 recent backups for space saving. Each database backup being over 700mb. Then came the moment to upgrade from NeatWorks 4 to 5 and everything went to h*ll. It seems that every database backup I made over the past two years has been randomly password locked by the software. When trying to restore any backup I have made to the original Neatworks 4, it fails, because of the password lock put on every image, which was done by the software itself. It can not be migrated to the version 5 software for the same reason. Upon multiple tech support emails and finally calls to their Tier 3 upper level tech support, they cannot unlock the passwords from the database. They have proprietary unlock keys for their software, and used them and successfully unlocked 1 out of 10 images from all 4 of my backups. The others seemed to be locked forever. First they accused me, that I locked it, but I have no password/encryption software on my system. They then said maybe Norton Internet Security password locked it, so basically admitting that the number one virus software in the world doesn't interact well with their software and randomly password encrypted their database out of all the documents on my system... BS. Basically I have lost all the documents I scanned into this software, because it's password locked and trapped in the database IT created. DO NOT USE THEIR SOFTWARE. Maybe if you still want to risk this, buy the scanner, because it is a decent scanner (hence the two stars), but avoid their software like the plague. A safer bet is a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner with either their software, Nuance PaperPort or Presto PageManager (which will be my next purchase). For two years I thought I was safely backing up all my documents, only to find that the backups being created were faulty. I will never again use any document saving software that uses proprietary techniques. Use open source software or something that uses a standard means of formatting (pdf's).

  • Dylanesque - Great Addition to the Cruz

    Not sure why so many reviews pick this item apart but overall it works just fine for what it is. The only complaint I'll agree with is the cup holder part. It isn't well-shaped/designed so cups can either be hard to get in/out bc they are too big or they will tip easy if they are too narrow. It's just sort of a weird size and I have to keep an eye on my drink spilling if I have something in there. That being said, I use it WAY more for the purpose of where to put my phone/keys/etc. It is PERFECT for that. It fits great on the Cruz (2014 model) and I've had no problems with it getting in the way of the seat or canopy.

  • Dean Pitts - A treat for fans of Longmire

    Another excellent work by Craig Johnson. The change in location for this book gave a great perspective of a famous, yet not so well known area. A new area also brought some new, and quite interesting, characters into play.

  • Justin - I'm 6'3 335 pounds and have a pretty bad metabolism so I figured I was screwed

    STINGER DETOX IS THE TRUTH!!! Quit smoking April 26th after smoking nearly everyday for 10 months. I'm 6'3 335 pounds and have a pretty bad metabolism so I figured I was screwed. Test was on May 24th. Drank two bottles and followed the instructions perfectly!! Make sure you take creatine two days prior and pop a few b vitamins the day of!!

  • Sasha - Great Shoes

    I love these shoes. The inside is super comfortable. I use these for two to four hours a day and I have never had any discomfort. It is super light weight, I've even forgotten that I was still wearing them once. And though it's a slip on, i still feel secure that it won't fall off or anything.

  • Blue_Fender - Versitle program

    I got this to see if I could design a house for my wife and me. It has descent tutorial videos online. I like how I can print full house plans after finishing.