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  • Becca - Calming!

    This appears to do exactly what it claims to do. I've been taking this for about a week, and have noticed I'm more relaxed and my anxiety doesn't seem to get to me much. I feel similar results using this as I do using a prescription anxiety drug. I don't need anxiety meds every day, but it works for those occasional anxiety attacks. I was able to purchase this item at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I realize a lot of you don't take reviewers who receive discounts seriously, thinking we are paid off to give a good review. That is simply not the case, I usually pay about half the cost of the item, so I am paying for most items, and I wouldn't do so just to write good reviews if the items didn't warrant it, as I don't want to throw away money any more than you do.

  • JW320 - good stuff

    Had some bad jock itch. I used this stuff a couple of times a day with some good anti-fungal cream and it cleared up in a week or so. I was very happy. I continue to use it several times a week just to make sure it never comes back.

  • A. Muenter - Spot-on and increases your fun, exponentially

    Very, very helpful! For lodging, Rick Steves was spot-on with his rating system. When he said we could get a discount or deal by showing him the book (or the kindle, in my case), the staff was more than willing to give it to us.

  • Melvin Smith - PC Protection!!

    My wife own's a VIAO laptop and I decided to buy this for the price. She hasn't had one single problem since we downloaded it to her laptop. Damn good product! Fast delivery! Excellent seller!!

  • Mystro - Total Crap. Roxio scams again. Avoid all Roxio products.

    I got scammed by Roxio 2010 Pro Creator. My wife bought 2011 for her office thinking it might actually work better than 2010 Pro Creator.....What a joke. The 2011 still doesn't work with Windows 7. As far as I can tell Roxio is a scamming software company. At this point, I must recommend avoiding all Roxio products.

  • Clark in Alabama - Good, But not as good as Norton Ghost

    I have had this for Program for a few weeks now. It has met all expetations except for cloneing a hard drive. Two times it failed and my computer would not restart. I had to use a windows restore point to get it to start windows. One time it restarted ok, but still failed the cloneing. Support had me unpluging USB devices and later wanted me to disable SD card readers. The heck with that. I went back to Norton Ghost 14 and it cloned the first time.

  • joanne pinkowski - Works great

    Heard and read about this item. The price was great! Solar power is great in charging phone. Have not used other electronics ad the sole purpose was for me phone. Thus far cannot complaint. Works as stated.