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  • P. Allers - Great delivery - software does not work unless updated.

    Received quick, installed, set up - okay. Attempted to download financial information from bank but software would not allow unless I updated. Again - Not Happy with software only.

  • Althea Anthony - I've been using this for about 10 days.. ...

    I've been using this for about 10 days .. I started with one pill for about 4 days.. I'm down 7lbs .. I'll keep you posted on the outcome .. So far so good

  • H. Boggs - Not as relaxing as would I would like.

    I think some of the non-Kava ingredients act as a stimulant so it does not aid in sleep as I was hoping. NOW has always been a solid brand so I dont blame the quality of the capsules as much as the ingredients which are listed.

  • Netty - It's not really your sweat, product just melts.

    This stuff is basically hair grease. It gives the illusion of sweat only because the greasy substance basically melts as your body heats up, so when you take of the waist trimmer its like you've lost an ounce of sweat, but it's just the melted product dripping off of you. Whenever I wear their trimmer without this stuff and do the same workout at the same intensity I barely sweat. Great tactic though, can't blame the company for trying to fool everyone. Makes a good moisturizer for your legs when going to the beach though :).

  • P. A. Pond - The strength of a Gorilla, in glue form

    I've used a lot of glue in my life, and a lot of brands and types. This stuff is crazy good. It does take at least 20 minutes to set up, so have patience and clamps at the ready, but it holds forever. Metal, wood, leather, broken floor tile, glass, plastic, cultured marble, it bonds (I know because I used it) on all these things. A little goes a long way. Definitely top glue in the tool box.

  • Justarasta - Great Price for Real Ray-Bans

    When I saw the prices on a pair of Aviators that I could get in 62mm I jumped. I used to live in Aviators although now I realize why I used a different model (Outdoorsman) that has a brow guard and wrap around ear pieces. The G-15 lens is as great as always. The only problem with these is that they do not stay on my face well. I've always preferred the larger lens but without the wrap around ear pieces the extra weight make them even more likely to fall off. Wish I got the Outdoorsman model instead for that reason. It would be best for you to try these on before you buy. I'm happy but sunglass technology has advanced so these will be second string backups for my Oakley Crosshairs which cost almost 3 times what these do.