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  • Sierra Tango Victor - The ultimate gaming experience!!

    What else can be said about the Playstation 4 that hasn't already been said by countless video game websites by now? Before I begin my product review, I will start with an Amazon Disclaimer: I purchased this product new through Amazon at launch, so I can't share any insight on whether this particular *current* listing is selling refurbished/used/etc items by now or not - which some reviews seem to imply. That being said though, my system is still working flawlessly, and the PS4 is an extremely powerful machine.

  • Martin Cunningham - Good battery life

    I work out a lot, and my wired headphones are always getting tangled. Sometimes the wires will pull on a piece of equipment and send my phone or ipod flying. I was tired of being "tied up", so I decided to try the bluetooth wireless Sport Headsets Earbuds w/ APT-X Tech, Built-in Mic for Sports/Running/Gym/Exercise, Compatible with iPhone and Android. I personally have an android phone, but I also have an ipod. It works on both, which is fantastic. They came really nicely packaged, as you can see from my photos. It comes with over-the-ear hooks, which are great for keeping the buds in place when being active. It also comes with extra ear bud tips and a nice mesh carrying case. The ergonomical design allows you to easily adjust them to firmly hold the earbuds in your ears. I feel confident that they will not fall out when working out. I can also switch out the size of the earbuds to make them fit better and more comfortably. The instructions were very clear and it was really easy to set up. You just have to charge them up, turn on the power, and pair them to your device via bluetooth. There are on-board controls on the right earbud that make it easy to navigate through your music without pulling your device out. The upgraded V4.1 technology allows me to go up to 39ft away from my device and they will still work - this means I can leave it in my purse while I work out and walk around the gym! Talk about freedom! What is even more awesome is that you can pair these with 2 bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously. This is great because I have an android phone and an ipod. The sound is really high quality. The advanced APT-X tech headset delivers high fidelity and dynamic sound with rich, deep bass. I listen to a lot of rap when I work out, so this is key. The highs and mid are also very good with a variety of other music styles. This is a very long lasting battery - about 5 hours of straight playing time. It has a rechargeable polymer lithium battery. I'm very happy with this product and it truly brings my workouts to the next level!

  • Amazon Customer - Good results so far

    Had a major hair loss about 2 years ago. I am finishing my first 3 months taking these. I have seen more new growth now than after 20 months on womens Rogaine foam, which I am still using as well. Hopefully I will keep seeing results. Take all 3 together with breakfast. No side effects, even though regular vitamins make me nauseated

  • KLRinIowa - Warped and finish flaked off first use

    I bought this Norpro jelly roll pan only because I couldn't find another stainless steel sheet pan with consistently good reviews without paying much more. The first pan arrived with a manufacturing defect in the finish, so I shipped it back and Amazon refunded my money promptly. I foolishly reordered, thinking "what are the chances I'll get a manufacturing flaw twice?" The second pan did look fine initially. After the first use, while hand washing it with a nylon brush, I discovered the finish had already flaked off in many places, leaving tiny pock marks that look rusty. Also, as others have said, it warped with a shockingly loud bang at only 325 degrees. I don't doubt it would throw cookies and whatever else around the oven during such a forceful warping action. Bottom line is I can't use this pan as I only use stainless steel pans for health reasons. If there truly is a stainless steel finish on this pan, it is far too thin, or of far too poor quality to hold up - even with light use. Don't waste your time and money buying this pan.

  • Valerie Frentz - Could live without.

    The reason I give this product three stars because it does rapidly charge your phone but you can't just set your phone on there you gotta find the right spot for it to connect your phone and start charging it makes me feel like plugging it in is just as easy as trying to find the right spot for it to charge. Otherwise great product like the fact that you can have it on the charger and just grab it and go without any wires.

  • Aiden - Awsome!!!

    great game but some flaws. many mods were unfinished/unrealistic as base model tractors and other tools.had lots of fun playing and look forward to future versions>

  • Jacqui Campbell - Comfortable and Convenient

    What a convenient way to allow you to paint your nails somewhere other than on a flat surface. The double-ringed holder creates a sturdy base for any average sized bottle of nail polish. It did not slip around on my finger, yet was easy to remove and transfer to the other hand even with wet nails. It is comfortable to wear and does not get in the way during painting of the hand you have it on. I like to paint my nails in the living room, on the couch, which is not always a good idea. Sometimes I forget I am balancing a nail polish bottle between my thumb and pointer finger, but with this holder it made it so much easier. I had no spills! I got the spa green color and it is true to the picture shown when ordering.