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  • conejito asesino - not worth the price

    Not worth the price. This is no better than ANY drug store brand. It is WAY overpriced. I ordered the 90 day supply from the company and it its costing me $230 for barely a two month supply. And the quality is not even good. Snail cream is better than this stuff. Save your money. The resurgence line, including this eye cream is a waste of money.

  • agnese kohn - I wanna a Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tempted is the title,Oh,i did got Tempted with a bad boy nest door and wish my next door boy was like him in this tale but lets be real my ain't nothing like Liam so i enjoyed/loved read this book until the last page where i sights after the last word wanted more...I did mention the character name on my first sentence and now i present you Elizabeth where both will have a hate/love journey....i want to say before i go and express more of my feeling for Tempted that both author team up very good on releasing A bad Boy Next Door Romance,they mixed up a way good storyline with plot,action,desire,secrets,truth to be said,steamy scene,the dedication to fight for,and i can go on and on but i already say much so its you reader who now need to read it dive into it like i did until i took a good breathing (sights) at the end due to the outcome...because now i can't wait to read more of both authors and see what they come up with next installment...So i did not spoil it much for you reader like this you will have to discover yourself the how,the what,the who and the end of that by getting this book cause i do suggest to do it now and be captivated as i was.....Good reading readers and Well done to both of you authors....

  • R. Carpenter - Great read

    I'd give this book 5 stars if it weren't for the "romance" parts. I normally don't enjoy romance type novels and I don't think I'd classify this book as a romance but there was a fair share of sexual content. Overall this was a fantastic book and I look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Amazon Customer - Oring'd cap for Ecodiesel fits snuggly

    The cap is nice and fits well. The retaining band (N buna tether) that holds the cap to the truck body broke immediately while installing, There is a rubber retaining band that is already placed around the cap. The other side has a hole that grabs ahold of the filler spout. It's about 1/4" or less around of material and with minimal pressure to install, it snapped in half. I actually did not expect this part to be included, but it was and it broke. Otherswise, the unit works fine,

  • Taka Iguchi - The stuff rocks

    I have done CrossFit for a long time and was used to having chalk around. I recently joined a new gym and they do not allow you to use chalk. One of the trainer suggested the stuff. You put a little dab on your hands and rub it around. It dries in seconds and it is just like having chalk for any kind of Olympic lifting. This one little bottle is going to last me for months.

  • Aditya Prasad - Security without Slow Down

    Internet security is a must for anyone who has multiple computers and works well without slowing down your system. It can be configured to your liking - takes some patience and technical skill, but not too bad.

  • Eric - Did Not Work for Me

    Followed instructions to the T but it showed no noticeable difference. Only had a slight crack in head gasket after pulling head, which is what this product is supposed to fix. My mechanic told me ahead of time it was probably a waste of money but I wanted to try in hopes of buying a few months.