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  • https://type2diabetes.com/diet-nutrition/ Healthy eating and meal planning - Type2Diabetes.com - Diet, along physical activity and dosing of medication, is one of the important factors that determine control of Type 2 Diabetes.
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  • Page Turners Book Blog - Such A Treat

    This might be one of my favorite characters that Alexa Riley has dreamed up. Raven is the new third grade teacher who’s a little overweight with no plans to change it. I love that line. She is a looking for love in the form of one her student’s uncle. Jack keeps her speechless and blushing when he attempts to interact with her and he has finally had enough and is ready to claim her for his own. These two were fun and flirty to read and their story was short but definitely a treat and full of hot sexy romance. You just cannot go wrong with an Alexa Riley book and this is no exception.

  • Scolastica Fanucci - Baby monitor have graduated…

    When I got clear how to manage this camera We love it. The picture is crystal clear night and day, dark or light. Your baking pan, tilt control works well giving me a look all around the room and it's just way cool to me to be able to see the particular camera sees from around the globe including the interstate!

  • janet - A waterproof case that actually works!

    I'm always skeptical of anything waterproof because I have seen products fail, but this case works wonderfully! I brought it on a trip to Las Vegas in which I attended several pool parties. There was a lot of splashing and submersion of my phone with no damage! It even fit my iPhone 6s+ with a PopSocket on the back. You kind of had to bend the top plastic closure away from the camera opening to take a picture when the case was sealed, but it was flexible. The long strap was also convenient to wrap around my wrist or hold the phone like a purse so I didn't lose it. I bought the clear case because I thought the colored cases might obscure pictures, and the clear plastic didn't interfere with pictures at all. I also found the snap closures quick and easy to operate.

  • keeta D - This REALLY WORKS

    Tried this on a whim, found it to be a great product. It REALLY WORKS, it's not to strong yet gets the job done. Assists in weight loss as we'll.

  • Tali from the Israel - Another winner

    Even though the story situated in corrupt city, the story isn't dark as the previous. Actually they not related to each other at all (but cameo appearances).

  • UBizz - Touching - Sweet Book

    I got this book for free after seeing it on one of my free book lists. I did not know the author but thought this would be a good book to share with my 3 year old. The book is good. This one does not rhyme but each page lays out some attributes (Speed, Elasticity, Hearing, Strength, Healing, Holding his breath etc.) of the Dad that the son thinks makes him a superhero and then the page goes on to explain what makes him feel that way. At the end the son decides that even if the Dad is not a superhero that he still loves him anyway and knows his Dad loves him.