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Country:, Europe, DK

City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

  • japple - Let me tell you why you will love this thermostat

    My house was made in 1961 so its not a efficient house by todays standards, and i didn't realize that until i installed my nest. I'm going to tell you why you need to buy this over a basic programable thermostat. for the last year i have been using a honeywell programable thermostat, to save money i spent 30 minutes programing it, it allowed 4 temperature changes per day from monday to friday and 4 for saturday and sunday. now if you happen to take a week day off or have a schedule were you have a week day off, you could not adjust the thermostat just for that day, because of this i was always turning the programming off forgetting to turn it back on and just ended up leaving it at one temperature i don't have the time or memory to keep changing it, even though when i brought it i thought it would be easy to manage. nest solves this problem for me. its easy to program it allows for seemingly unlimited temperature changes any time and it also has auto away which will drop the temperature from my set schedule when i leave, and that is really helping! i almost never remember to turn down the heat or air when i leave the house it, and in my house depending on the time of the year the ac kicks in every 15-20 minutes thats a huge waste when i leave for the day forgetting to turn it down. but now auto away catches that for me. its constantly and automatically saving me money without any interaction from me. and trust me this adds up. nest shows you how long your ac or heat runs thought out the day and how long it runs in total in a 24 hour period. iv gone from 11 hours running per 24 hours to just running 4 hours, thats how much i was losing by not being constantly on top of my old thermostat. the next feature is genius, its called airwave, when im in my car with the ac blasting i will sometimes turn the ac button off and cold air still pumps in for a minute or so, the same thing happens with your house ac but only it stays colder for longer since it has bigger coils. nest takes advantage of this by turning the ac off but leaving the fan on to get a 10 minutes or so of cool air without the cost, now considering my ac is off and on every 15 minutes in the middle of summer this is going to add up to huge savings in my house, its an absolute must. so in review this is well worth the money once the newness wares off and you stop playing with it from your iphone and move on to your next gadget nest will be constantly monitoring your home to see if your away and working airwave saving you money month after month and all you have to do is set the temp you like and know that when you leave the house unexpectedly you dont have to change your whole program like you would on a basic themostat. nest w ill sense your gone and turn down the heat or temp, and then turn it right back to where you left it when you get home automaticaly. see if your honeywell can do that. thanks Nest!!

  • Amazon Customer - Do not buy

    Horrible product. Does not even get slightly warm. Took over 2 hours to dry 3 light weight medium ladies shirts. Looked like it had been returned previously. Will be sending back ASAP

  • uhakes - We love this table chair

    We love this table chair! It is comfortably padded and cleans up easily with a wet sponge. It travels wherever the baby goes and attaches quickly to every table. We are going to purchase another one for our youngest granddaughter! Choosing another color will be a tough decision to make.

  • Amazon Customer - Can't expect it to be ready to watch after the show has been aired live.

    The programs take such a long time to be streamed. I wish I had a real expectation of when I could watch my purchased show. So its Friday, and the last episode came out 24 hours ago...should I hope to see it tonight?

  • Glen I Renzoni - Maybe a knock-off, but is the "real" Jeep one $100 better?

    This may or may not be a knock-off (definitely shipped from China, sooo....) but if it is a knock-off (it looks real enough) is the "real deal" Jeep one $100 better? I can't see it. For the price difference, this looks and works great. I read some comments here before I installed this, that it was a bit loose. I applied a bead of Mopar black RTV on the back before installing it (so I don't know if it would have been loose, I just decided to use the RTV just in case, and did it first 'cus I'd rather do the install only once) and mine is nice and tight, not even a wiggle. The small plastic alignment pin did break off easily when I did a test fit (which is why I knocked the rating down to a 4) but I just drilled a small hole there and used a pop rivet to align it. Overall, it looks like a real Jeep piece, works good, and saved a bunch of money.

  • Retro Prep - I didn't try it for a long time but finally when my aging skin started getting the best of me I tried it and it's SO GOOD

    My dermatologist gave me a sample of this last year. I didn't try it for a long time but finally when my aging skin started getting the best of me I tried it and it's SO GOOD. I actually use the PM cream during the day too. Truth be told I am 45 and was using only Trader Joe's Moisturizer. I started looking more and more wizened but had no time or funds to get anything expensive. This is very moisturizing and plumps fine lines but is SO much less expensive then the other top rated moisturizers! A great basic moisturizer for the 40's. Try it! (Don't get the AM - it has sunscreen and balls up under makeup.)

  • readandreread - Adults and Kids will love this one!

    For the price this is a great book! The book as well as the pictures inside of it are big(sometimes having a whole page devoted to an illustration). The illustrations are great because they are from all the time periods the book had been republished. As for content it is totally appropraite and interesting for adults. Some of the words and ideas might be hard for a young child to grasp but that just opens the door to share the book and ideas together. I find that my 6 year old "gets" some and others we have to talk about. It is a great way to help kids connect to the past while learning things that are relevant today. I love this book! One quick note, so far the book does use the other word for a donkey :) :)