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  • Mr. N - Not great for veteran players like me but good for a ...

    Didn't get much but there were a TON of cards here. Not great for veteran players like me but good for a beginner or someone just looking at getting a bunch of cards for many purposes.

  • Francesco - Not tested on Animals

    It leaves my under eyes area very soft and comfortable before sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't really help my dark circles but the skin feels more energetic and with more tone.

  • Savanah - Best Purchase Ever

    If you are considering buying this, buy it. Now. Liquid Ass provides endless entertainment. I've gotten just about everyone I know with it. One reviewer described the scent as "soul shattering." I didn't think there was any way this could possibly be true, but it is in fact an accurate description of the smell that comes out of this bottle. I brought it to work and sprayed it in my boyfriend's cubicle, making sure to spray his mouse pad as well. When I came by his desk, he couldn't figure out why there was such a terrible smell. He also told me he had to throw his mouse pad away because it smelled so bad. He then began looking for manure, as he was certain I had hid some in his cube. This happened in December and everyone at work insisted that all doors be opened to air the smell out, despite the cold. The other people I've gotten with it have insisted the smell stays with them for several hours. Just about every time I spray Liquid Ass near someone, I laugh until I cry. I will always have some Liquid Ass on hand.

  • Mark Lyon - I'm not going to go out and recommend that you get illicit versions of the test

    This book has a totally insufficient number of practice tests. As the owner of a college counseling company (Lyon Prep Academy) I know firsthand how many practice tests students need in order to get a top score on the ACT. Now, I'm not going to go out and recommend that you get illicit versions of the test, but the easy availability of download of all the tests from April, June, and December from outside sources gives students who are willing to bend the rules an inordinate advantage. The simple solution? Since these tests are easily accessible anyway, just release them officially and level the playing field. I know that there have recently been minor changes to the Reading and Science sections (and major changes to the essay) but still having legal access to all these tests for which they've already released packets to individual students would be immensely valuable.

  • christian largaespada - Excellent product not enough information.

    Excellent, This is a great product I can not wait to see the results for my son. We have been following the program on Youtube so Im not sure if they have a program but it would be nice to know if they could put the information up for everyone to follow.

  • Marjopiet - I am ready to dance!

    Great songs by fabulous artists. This CD has me singing all day, my grandchildren want to hear the songs as soon as they come through the door.