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  • Golightly - Relief at last!

    Here we have a detailed explanation of the workings of the human digestive tract, how most of us can expect it to deteriorate with age, and what we can do as self help.

  • Eddie Hunnell - Leapad Review

    I was very disappointed with 1 aspect of this device. It is very slow. I thought it was a brand new model. As such I expected decent response. Instead, every screen takes forever to load. It acts like it has a 5 - 8 year old processor in it with modern software (ie hardware that can not keep up with the software). Speed must be increased.

  • Jovanny Gonzalez - Didn't Work

    My '89 Corvette started leaking power steering fluid and I decided to use the Lucas brand to stop the leak. Unfortunately it did not stop the leak but at least it seemed to slow it down a bit.

  • Gregory A Gentry - They finally got the price down to a reasonable value ...

    They finally got the price down to a reasonable value. Prior to my buying this subscription the price for the Kindle subscription was greater than the price for the mailed version.

  • John Garman - Excellent

    Not all garage openings are of equal height. I constantly kept hitting the lower edge of the garage door with the factory GMC Terrain antenna, and slightly bending it. This stubby antenna has totally cured that, and I have not noticed any degradation in reception; still picking up stations 50 and 60 miles away. Excellent buy and totally easy and quick to install.

  • Derek Woods - Great case!

    Fits phone really well, very sturdy design that doesn't impede any of the phone's functionality or form.